The new Archbishop of Baltimore

Does anyone know the stand that the new Archbishop Edwin O’Brien of Baltimore takes on traditional issues? Is he a supporter of Tradition?

There is a thread in Catholic News, with links to articles that state some of his accomplishments. You should probably go there and not start another thread on this topic…

Thank you for your respose:). I will look into that thread as well, but I am wondering specifically if Traditionalists think he will help further the Traditional movement.

I wish I could help but I don’t know him. Just wanted to write and let you know I at least agree this is a good reason to start a new thread. If I ever move somewhere or we get a new bishop, I would ask the same thing. :thumbsup:

Thanks freudmacher :slight_smile: .

Anyone?? Any opinions?

What is your definition of Tradition ?

Will he encourage the TLM vs. merely allowing or tolerating it? Will he help priests who want to say the TLM (or priests whose parishoners want them to) to recieve proper instruction & make sure it doesn’t become abused? Will he put the welfare of souls ahead of a desire to get along. If he becomes cardinal, would he be more likely to cast a vote for another more traditionally minded pope?

Also, is he strong on the right side of the modern day contrversial issues, such as denying pro-choice politicians communion & instructing the priests in his diocease to as well.

I guess this curiosity came from the events all happening in a row, 1st the SP [aka MP] then the Lumen Gentium, then this . . . wondering if B-16 is getting his ducks in a row for the benefit of tradition even after he is gone.

All speculation, I know, but please indulge my curiosity:D

The MP says its allowed provided there is a stable community requiring it. Hard to know what that means.
I suspect there is no great desire of the Pope to return to the TLM and make it the dominant Mass. I think this offering is an incentive for SSPX priests to make it easier for them to repent and return to full communion with Rome.

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