The New Archbishop of York

The appointment of John Sentamu as the new Archbishop of York has been greeted with mixed reaction from members of a Church of England fiercely divided over the issues of gay clergy and women priests.
The Ugandan-born Bishop of Birmingham – Britain’s first black Archbishop – has pledged to help unite and revitalise the Church as it goes through a “trough” in its fortunes.

But gay rights activists believe an opportunity to openly challenge homophobia in the Church has been missed.
Richard Kirker, general secretary of the Lesbian & Gay Christian Movement, said the group was disappointed by the appointment.

“I cannot pretend that we are anything other than disappointed that a person that has not shown himself to be a particular friend of the lesbian and gay community has been appointed,” he said.

Well, I am tempted to say: Boo Hoo!

Archbishop John is on the Evangelical wing of the church; and charismatic by preference. He is a good Pastor too, a real ‘people person’. He is a true ‘Man of God’ and Christian. He was imprisoned and tortured by Idi Amin because, as a lawyer he opposed the illegal acts of the regime. He was smuggled out of Uganda by the Anglican Church and he was Ordained Priest in 1979. God Bless him I say.

The Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, has told BBC News he wants to banish homophobia from the Church of England.

The archbishop told BBC Radio 4’s Sunday programme homophobia had “no place” in the Church.

He wanted people to stop using “ghastly” language that implied people were “not human beings” because of their sexual orientation.

Archbishop Sentamu, who was born in Uganda, was appointed to the second highest post in the Church on Friday.

"I want to say to people, ‘Please, please, please don’t use such ghastly words,’ because every human being regardless of their sexual orientation are standing in for God, each one of them is actually loved of God.

“And when you use language which implies they were not human beings who are you to do that because you did not create them?’”

So if I may ask, what does the homosexual community find so disappointing about him?

  • Liberian

Liberian, he is black and he therefore has faith in Christ and don´t want to accept the sin. And this is disturbing for the lobby.

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