The New Catholic Manliness


**The New Catholic Manliness

**The Catholic Church makes men. . . . Of such she may also someday make soldiers.”
—Hilaire Belloc

It is a source of no small irony that, even as radical feminists within and without the Church have railed for two generations against patriarchy and phallocentrism, it can be quite plausibly said that the post-conciliar Church in this country has, for all intents and purposes, been run by women.
Consider a Sunday in the life of a typical American parish. Father Reilly, once his mother’s darling, says Mass before a congregation disproportionately representative of widows (both the traditional and the football kind), soccer moms flying solo, and budding young liturgistas. At the elevation of the Host, extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist (80-20 female) and altar servettes gather around the sanctuary to lend him moral support.
After Mass, he enjoys a donut in the church basement while regaling the ladies of the Hospitality Guild before heading back upstairs to sit in as the token male at a meeting of parish CCD teachers. Later that afternoon, Sister Dorothy fills him in on the doings of the confirmation class, peace and justice committee, RCIA candidates, and youth group. At dinner he lingers over the new pastoral letter from his bishop, urging the flock to get more in touch with the God Who Nurtures. Finally, in the evening, he pokes his head into the weekly gathering of the Divorced and Separated Support Group, whose overwhelmingly female members and leaders thank him for his solicitude.



Thanks. That gave me a laugh. :smiley:


When I was confirmed, I was told the Sacrament would make me a perfect (in the sense of complete) Christian and a soldier of Christ. After the Archbishop had anointed my forehead, he gave me a tap on the cheek, to symbolize a call to wake up and pay attention. I have, from time to time since, been sickened by the calls to behave a lot more like a wimpy doormat than a soldier of the faith.

I say enough already! We have neither a call nor hopefully a desire to inflict ourselves on our fellow humans, but we have neither a desire nor a call to let them take advantage of us. Personally, I have long since ceased to take seriously those who have chided me for, as it were, taking the stick from the hand of those who saw fit to beat me, rather than just letting them lay on the blows.

The good news is the chiders are becoming fewer, and soon, it is to be hoped, will all but vanish.

In the words of C.S. Lewis, “Christianity is a fighting religion,” not a haven for wimps.




The word “new” is an invention of the world as it is used now. In my view it should be limited to boxes of cereal and soap powder.

I much prefer the “renewing of your mind” that comes from allowing the Holy Spirit to live within you. And becoming “a new creature” by accepting and following Christ.

God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

God bless,


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