The new Coronovirus, Covid-19 and its spread globally

This is looking quite worrisome.
I have started a prayer thread


Yes, there have already been numerous deaths.

It is very worrisome.


The rate it is spreading is alarming, there are several cities in lockdown, there are already 4 cases in USA and a couple in Japan.

I best put up a link to a news story, given this is world news :slight_smile:

Its pretty serious when McDonalds stops trading and sections of the Great Wall of China are shut down.
McDonald’s China said it will suspend business in five cities in Hubei province from January 24.
There is video emerging of packed hospitals with queues down the end of the street of people waiting for treatment. Special quarantine carts are removing people from airports that are suspected of having the virus.
Brave new world.

I don’t know why, but possible cases in Latin America are not being reported too much.

Colombia, Brazil and Mexico may all have cases.

Coronavirus from China could have reached Mexico; professor who visited Wuhan under home monitoring

My reading as said in the other thread by someone else, is the number of affected is probably
underestimated. There may be 40 million people now under lockdown (quarantine) in China.

Use a translator, however but China is trying to build a 1000 bed hospital in Wuhan in 10 days… honestly.


Also, could affect prison camps in the area if not kept in check:

Though, I thought the article didn’t go into this topic enough.


I wondered the same thing when I came here an hour or so ago.

My daughter-in-law works in the airline industry and flies once or twice a week. I hope they get this under control quickly.


She flies within the U.S.

She is not a stewardess, but is in the administrative

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China latest.
Its spread is accelerating.

China is building a really fast hospital to accommodate the sick. I will find the links to it. Amazing what can be done in a few days.

Hospitals are nice but require many professionals to operate and staff.

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Yes, this hospital will be up by February the 6th. The same thing was done during the SARS epidemic. There will be staff. The big issue is equipment. Supplies such as masks, disposable gowns etc are exhausted. Staff in the hospitals ministering to the sick are using disposable raincoats atm.

Praying is all we can do for them.

This sort of outbreak in such a heavy populated area of the world is not good.

  • It is not a Global Emergency.

  • It is not a Pandemic.

  • Novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) is related to SARS which killed 774 people.


I worry a lot too, about a lot. I simply try to remind myself that worry is a faltering of faith. We do what is within our power to do, and leave the rest to God. Prayer is always a good idea and strongly encouraged. Peace be with you )

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I’ll give my little speech that I gave to my family.

The biggest reason for concern is that this a newly identified virus…which means they aren’t sure yet what it’s mode of transmission is nor it’s vector (what it originated from…the carrier). Until they know more, there is no vaccine, known death rate or possible complications. We will have more answers soon so be patient. It’s the unknowns that has the health departments concerned.


If you have flu like symptoms, don’t try to be a martyr. Stay home, miss mass, miss work, stay away from others…and continue to wash your hands!


I read sneezing can pass it on.


Praying for the sick is always good. I would not be scared or anxious about this particular development. It is in the same class as SARS and MERS of the past years, but so far not nearly as virulent. The news, internet, and some people live for catastrophe and headlines.

To do something productive, learn and teach your children good hand hygiene, and have any annual influenza vaccine.

So far this season, there have been about 1,300 deaths and over 23,000 hospitalizations due to influenza.

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It may be they now know if it’s air transmission…sneezing…vs. contact transmission…and it may be both. I haven’t looked into it for a day or so. I think most corona viruses are air transmitted.

It is transmittable through air and contact transmission. It is also a very clever virus in that the person who has it is contagious in the incubation period, that is before the symptoms are present. It is also becoming much easier to transmit as the week progresses.

The good news is that China is developing a vaccine for this virus at the moment and is doing all it can to halt the spread of this virus.
China itself is struggling in areas where the virus has hit though. A new hospital is being built to cope with the demand.

WE are not all going to die from it. We know that because in the city where the virus hit, not everyone has caught it. We should learn to practice good hygiene. Many of the lessons from the SARS outbreak are being put into practice. Pray they will bear good fruit.

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Sneezing passes along a lot.
But it remains to be seen if it passes this.

Actually…spoke too soon.
The CDC says sneezing and coughing will pass it.

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