The new Coronovirus, Covid-19 and its spread globally

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First, there is a lot we don’t know yet. For instance, while we know how it can transmit, we don’t really know how transmissable it is and we don’t really know what the mortality rate is once one gets it. Part of the issue is that people have gotten sick at home and hence aren’t being reported.

Second, the real kicker at the moment, the part that has everyone reacting: the incubation period is apparently up to two weeks, much longer than the usual flu or cold incubation period, this allows for rather deep penetration of the population, hence the quarantines as an attempt to deal with this.

Third, the next kicker is that is no vaccine or other cure for it, once one gets it, one has to ride it out and pray for survival. Colds are a different form of coronaviruses; these things mutate/change all the time so we have never been able to get a vacine for colds. So it could be with this coronavirus as well.

Fourth, we already get quite a few deaths from the flu and its complications every year. Anywhere from 10,000 to 50,000 per year in the US alone depending on how bad the strains are in a given year. 50,000 is greater than the number of people who die in car accidents annually, just to give a perspective. Hence there is a reason we get exhorted to get our flu shots every year now. The CDC has already announced ~6600 flu deaths this season, for instance. So we have to be careful not to confuse the two diseases which is not hard to do at this time.

Fifth, there are allegations that the Chinese government is still not being entirely truthful or forthcoming about what is going on. For instance, there are allegations that the number of deaths is being underreported through the use of different causes of death on the death certificates.

I can say that N95 masks have been disappearing from the local stores around these parts. There was a comment somewhere that alleged it’s been the Chinese Americans who have been buying up the stock and shipping them to their relatives in China. Dunno about that. I was able to get a few in addition to what I already have on hand, but that is something to watch out for. Along those lines I am researching home made substitutes and am finding out that while they may be better than nothing, they’re not a good substitute for the real thing.


Thanks for this info

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I have a sister that worked innately microbiology lab. Outside the lab people thought she was OCB because of frequently washing her hands or surfaces that she was going to use. To her everyone else was obsessively compulsively dirty.

Please give this speech to my coworkers! I can’t count the number of times I’ve gotten sick because of someone trying to show their dedication.

The week before I bought my first house i was sick. I had gotten sick after avoiding a coworker that I knew was sick that had also come to a conference. I sat down to watch a presentation at the conference. I discovered he hat sat behind me when he cough and I felt a mist hit the back of my neck.


Have to remember in the US that many people have no sick leave. They show up or they don’t get paid and may even lose their job. Even well paid contractors often don’t have benefits. That can create an incentive to show up that is difficult to counter especially if they are living check to check.

Moral of the story: if you have sick leave or you can afford to take off a few days, please stay home.


A complication is that the Coronavirus comes in the middle of an active flu season.


A case has been confirmed here in Maricopa County.
An ASU student who lives off campus and just returned from China recently.


There is also the problem now that many jobs are understaffed. The medical field itself has this problem so coworkers know that there’s no one to fill in so…they drag their sick selves into work because it won’t get done otherwise. We dealt with this in my lab all the time!

Plus, there’s the issue with some business benefits that sick days and vacation days aren’t distinguished…you get a set number of paid days off no matter the reason and people don’t want to short themselves on vacation for a “cold” they think they can work through. So, many reasons why the sick go to work.

This is why it’s very hard to stop the spreading of an illness. When it’s just a cold, we grumble about Joe giving it to us but if something that has a potential to be a pandemic…now, Joe is risking lives!

We have no idea if this virus will become a pandemic but if so, I hope businesses, schools, etc. will pay the workers to stay home and be paid regardless of benefits. I would be the right thing to do.


SARS cost $50 billion
The market in China is tanking today.
Illness taxes everyone.

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Thanks ATraveller, its all sorted :slight_smile: I would have hated to unintentionally offend anyone.

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N95 masks work, IF you wear them properly, and I wonder how many are fit tested and do. Otherwise there are no better than other masks. Using them for any protracted period Is tiring.

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The WHO has put out guidelines on how to protect from this virus.

It is far more contageous then first thought because people are infectious before symptoms show.

Here are the WHO guidelines atm

because this originated most likely in bats in the wild food market, the animal vector is highlighted and it is advised to cook meat and eggs well and be aware of wild and farm animal contact.

No doubt this will be updated as new information comes in. As of now, this virus started a month ago, 80 are dead, over 2000 are confirmed cases and it has spread to many countries.

I pray it is halted.

The animal vector is in China right, not here?


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Yes, for the moment and hopefully it will stay that way. The next week should yield a lot more test results and knowledge. One school of thought on how this jumped into humans , because coronaviruses are animal type viruses, is through eating the wild animals at the wet market where the virus originated, specifically bats. There is now a halt on all wild animal food markets in China.

" Coronavirus may have originated in lab linked to China’s biowarfare program "

I was discussing this possibility with a co-worker Thursday. We both had the same gut feeling.

I pray we are wrong.

Edit to add: China’s second most powerful man is now in Wuhan. Wonder why ? To direct a cover up ?

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I read that conspiracy theory as another report. It went like this. Canada had the Corona virus , it was isolated from a Saudi Arabian patient in 2014. Chinese workers stole it from the lab in Canada and weaponized it.
I would not put much stock in these. That is the second such rumor going around. It is not as creative as the one I read.

Bats are vectors for quite a few diseases. Rabies, rabies cousins, a hendra virus in Australia that also is fatal to humans when it jumps from bats to horses to humans, and most likely this virus.
Swabs from the wet food animal and fish market in Wuhan have found 35 or so swabs of Coronovirus in the environment where the wild animals are sold. 50 or so swabs were positive in that market.

ON another note, the first hospital is due to open on Monday, and a second is being built to cope with the amount of patients. China gets things done when needed. That first hospital was built in how many days?

What makes it seem feasible is their #2 guy is there where he is most likely to be exposed to the virus.

He was sent there for some reason.


…beginning to wonder how Coronavirus is any different than just a bad cold going around. Last month, I caught a bad cold that was going around my community but didn’t make headline news. :sneezing_face::newspaper:


In some ways, it is similar to outbreaks of seasonal flu or the common cold that occur all the time. Respiratory viruses case similar effects. A small percentage (15-30%) of common colds are caused by coronavirus.

The differences in the severity of disease, ease (or difficulty)) in transmission, and being a new strain, make it important for monitoring.

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