The new design for the British £2 Coin

I’m severely dissapointed. Officially, this country is still a Christian nation and as far as I’m conserned it should remain a Christian nation until The Good Lord returns! Evolution is not a fact, it’s a theory so how can things like this be justified?

Apologies for the rant but just had to post this. :mad:

The design seems to be last year’s design, and in 2010 a new coin has been produced, this time commemorating Florence Nightingale.

I think the design is rather silly, with poor old Darwin trying to stare down an ape. Honestly, it gave me a laugh.

As for objecting to evolution on religious grounds, well, its not a requirement of the Catholic faith. Evolution does not contradict Christianity, although some supporters of evolution may interpret it to be so.

It is a pretty naff design… I mean by all means recognise Darwin; even if you don’t agree with him he was an influential theorist and quite an important person; but still - the deisign of the coin is just naff.

That and they Replaced the Catholic Composer Elgar on £20 notes


Just like gravity, evolution is both a fact and a theory.

Gravity-as-fact: we can observe that things fall down.
Gravity-as-theory explains the mechanism causing them to fall.

Evolution-as-fact: we can observe that evolve.
Evolution-as-theory explains the mechanism causing them to evolve.

That is the way science works. We observe some facts and then develop theories to explain the mechanisms behind those facts.

Every time an insect evolves immunity to an insecticide we can observe evolution-as-fact.

This is only incompatible with some overly literal interpretations of Genesis. As has been pointed out, those interpretations are allowed, but not mandated, by the Catholic Church.


I really don’t think it’s worth getting upset about - he’s been on the ten pound note for years.

Is Christianity a fact or a theory?

So, what you’re saying is that Christians (with rather specific beliefs) get to decide what happens even though religion is a minority activity in the UK and Christians with rather specific beliefs a minority of a minority?

Aside from the stupid design (I guess Darwin isn’t recognizable without an ape?),
I see no problem here, but I’m American…

Darwin is a secular saint regarded with something like reverence by the agnostic/atheist/secular who form the majority in the UK. I see no reason why they should not have him venerated like this even if the juxtaposition of man and ape is depressingly reductive.

As for evolution there are two types of people who get exercised by it:

  1. Protestant creationists who are heretics at any rate
  2. Atheist materialists who suppose that “how” questions intrude on “why” questions.

Catholics need not exercise themselves either way.

Which one is Darwin?

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