The New Evangelization...


So now we have a good Adult Catechism for the US that is easy to read, accurate and reflective of the Universal Catechism. It is said that it’s target is “Young Adult Catholics”.

Have any parishes put together an organized study of this Catechism as an adult program? Have there been any promotion of this new catechism in the parish at all?

I would have liked it to have come out with a Workbook/Study Guide and a parish Adult Catechesis Implementation Guide.


RCIA catechists have reviewed it, and the study guide that comes with it, and we will phase it in as soon as we can afford to order them, price is pretty steep, and this group has already paid their fees which cover CCC, bible and textbook. Our pastor will probably be teaching a class for the Lay Ministry Institute on how to use the AC, so I hope my catechists for adults and youth attend.

the youth catechists actually like the compendium better, so I will order a case for next year, to be shared for HS classes, we can’t afford one for each student. Right now I just gave one to each catechist, with a guide from OSV on how to use it effectively w/youth.


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