The New Face of Transgender Youth


A video by Katie Couric

Do you agree or disagree with kids deciding their gender at such a young age and beyond


It is not a matter of “deciding” their gender. Transgenderism is shown by research to be innate; the cause is neurological, transgender people have structural differences of the brain compared to those who are not. In most cases, it has to do with gender dimorphism in the brain, in some (probably around 5% of all trans women; those who are lesbian), there seems to be a different, but still neurological and innate, causation. Hormone therapy and in some cases surgery is proved to be the only universally effective treatment for both groups.

No one “decides” to be transgender. One can however decide whether or not to transition socially and whether or not to receive medical treatment; deciding not to ends in misery more often than it does not. The longer one waits, the more scarred one will be, making early transition very beneficial.

Lastly, it should be noted that not one, single child receives any sort of surgery; there is a virtually absolute age limit of eighteen years to undergo transgender genital surgery. It is possible for children in early puberty to start medication that will postpone their puberty, but hormone therapy has an age limit of 14-16 years, depending on individual factors. It’s more often 16 than 14; those specialists who treat gender dysphoria in children and teens are extremely cautious not to make any mistakes. They prefer to err on the side of caution. It is, thankfully, becoming easier to receive puberty blockers, since they have no permanent effects, but can be immensely helpful as a kind of “timeout”. If the child decides to not go through with hormone therapy, their “normal” puberty will commence upon cessation of the puberty blockers. If they decide to go through with it, they will be spared (potentially) thousands of dollars in extra expenses reversing the first puberty, and not least they will be spared an unmeasurable amount of pain from being flushed with the wrong hormones.

But again no pre-pubertal child receives any kind of medication or surgery for gender dysphoria. At “worst”, they’ve been allowed to dress as they wish, act and play as they wish, and to change their name. Those measures can be easily reversed.


It’s a sign of something deeper or a phase… A child can’t suddenly decide she’s a boy or he’s a girl. Either mom and dad are encouraging this or there is something more sinister.

Like if a baby boy grabs at older sister’s pink blankie…that is not a sign to start dressing him as a girl. **Babies grab things.

I liked “boy” cartoons when i was six. I wasn’t really a boy. I just liked he-man, g.i. Joe and thundercats. I also liked care bears and my little pony.


I work at a well-known women’s college on the east coast and you wouldn’t believe how they are pushing the transagenda. A handful of trans students forced the administration to change the signs on the male/female bathrooms to “All Genders”. Must have cost a fortune, considering most of the bathrooms were new, with new signs.

The NYT featured an article last week about transmen at Wellesley. The irony is-in a few years, all the liberal women’s colleges will be forced to covert to co-ed. For if they admit transmen, they will have to admit real men - or suffer anti-discrimination suits.



Men allowed in the women’s facilities?


…there must be somewhere I can meet girls


What if I pretended



I’m thankful I was a kid in the 70’s. I can only imagine how messed up I’d be if I was growing up now. I was the biggest tomboy ever. If someone would have told me I could change myself into a boy I’d have thought that the greatest thing. Trucks and dirt are a lot more fun than dolls and nail polish. Working cattle, building fence and chopping firewood is better than going shopping for pretty new dresses. Ugh, I hated dresses and I still do. In fact, I haven’t changed much from when I was a kid as far as my preferred activities, but I know I love being a woman. When you’re ten, you don’t really understand that there is more to men/women than just dolls/trucks; at least I didn’t.


This was my experience, too. But at the same time, I think there has to be so much more to how kids feel about their idenities that they would actually consider transgenderism (not sure if that’s even a word!).

I don’t know what the answer is.


A political position, not a scientific one, as we have seen demonstrated here time and again.


You know, with the amount of porn available right now, I really doubt the amount of men willing to go through the effort to convincingly dress as a woman AND pull it off just to go into a woman’s bathroom is pretty small. You may also have figured out that there are stalls present to prevent anyone from seeing what you do in the bathroom, they are present in both genders of bathroom. I’d submit anyone violating that privacy needs to be dealt with regardless of sex. Also, if we are going to prevent anyone who might be turned on by your naked body from being in the same bathroom; we’re going to need gay, lesbian, and bi-sexual bathrooms also.

Or maybe we can just go ahead and label all single use bathrooms both genders. It side steps the issue without the silly drama and makes those bathrooms more efficient for everyone? Sound simple enough?


Oh its insane. In my catholic high school, we have a guy that wears makeup, and another guy who wears girl’s shirts(I dont mean pink, I mean shaped to fit a girl’s body), and skinny jeans…this goes WAYYY too far. Of course our ridiculous school allows it…


I disagree with anyone ever deciding their “gender”. Honestly, I say we junk the whole concept of “gender” altogether and return to only speaking about “sex”.

From Wikipedia (hardly a Catholic source),

Sexologist John Money introduced the terminological distinction between biological sex and gender as a role in 1955. Before his work, it was uncommon to use the word gender to refer to anything but grammatical categories. However, Money’s meaning of the word did not become widespread until the 1970s, when feminist theory embraced the concept of a distinction between biological sex and the social construct of gender.

IOW, before the 1970s no one would even be able to understand your question.


Well said!


Like in “Bosom Buddies,” “Tootsie,” and “Mrs. Doubtfire?” :smiley:

Well…this is anecdotal, I have no corroborating evidence, but I did once hear a young woman from a college that had co-ed bathrooms say that there were guys who were tall enough to see over the shower stalls. Her take? “You get used to it.”


That poor boy. His parents must be great examples of how evil people can be.


That’s cool. Honestly, I’m a bit sensitive to this trope argument that what is a daily struggle for a minority somehow is the same as some dude trying to spy on girls. It’s interesting the no one ever brings up gays, lesbians, and genetic women identifying as men.

On the short stall note, I was a a Lutheran college recently and had a somewhat similar experience. The bathrooms weren’t co-ed, but the stalls were a height I had last seen in elementary school, just about anyone could see over the top. Very strange.


POPE BENEDICT XVI explains "the profound falsehood of this theory and of the anthropological revolution contained within it.’

It is a revolution against the Creator - “From now on there is only the abstract human being, who chooses for himself what his nature is to be.”


This ignores the family of natural conditions known as intersex. These are people that don’t develop genitalia in physically “normal” way or have chromosomes other than XX and XY. One I find particularly interesting is Androgen insensitivity syndrome where a XY person in the most advanced forms will develop in such a female way that it is not often discovered until something regarding a missing period or infertility causes further investigation. How is a person like that just to follow a pre-ordained gender binary? I also believe these people to be part of God’s loving creation. If a gender binary is God’s only plan, why would a loving God make such a person?



The research data are clear, and scientifically solid.

Those who front political positions here, are those who stick their heads in the ground and completely refuse to consider whether the determination of gender is scientifically more complex than previously thought. Claiming that gender is merely a social construct, and that one can choose gender as if it were a pair of socks, would also be a political position; one that I have yet to encounter among transgender people, by the way.

I wish these debates could be less polluted by ideological blindness; on this forum mainly conservative, on others mainly liberal. Both ideologies are perversions of truth, and will turn any debate into a cesspit of accusations about agendas, conspiracies and the like. Your post is a prime example of this; you attack the position not based on its content, but on who you *perceive *to be the people, and what you perceive to be the motivation, behind.

Pope Benedict’s speech, which is quoted by this article, targets gender deconstructionism, and rightly so.

However, the science that establishes a neurological cause for transgenderism, also directly contradicts gender deonctructionism. It establishes that gender is innate, immutable and cannot be changed. Much like what the Pope says.

So, to repeat myself: I agree to every word of Pope Benedict’s speech.

Indeed. Additionally, as it turns out, many who were seen as transsexual a few decades ago, are now known to have some intersex condition or other - partial or mild androgen insensitivity being prominent.

I believed myself to be “just” transgender until the pre-hormone therapy checkups. However, my “natural” hormone levels turned out to be completely abnormal, actually among the weirdest my physician has ever seen. For now, having it properly diagnosed is not covered by my healtcare plan, but judging from hormone levels, skeletal traits, slow (onset and progress) puberty and so on, they are not in any doubt that I am intersex of some sort.

Yet, such ambiguity does not seem to compute for people who subscribe to the conservative ideology; they forget that we live in a post-lapsarian world, where our biology is as fallen as our passions. I believe myself to be either fully male or fully female metaphysically (and I would place my bet on female, given the heavy gender dysphoria when trying to live as a male), but I will not know which for certain until such time as, if God looks upon me with mercy, the resurrection of the dead. My non-glorified body is for certain ambiguous.


Physical birth defects, brain deformities and external distortions do happen. And some are born with alcoholic tendencies, some with genes predisposed toward cancer and heart disease, or whatever. With all the possibilities of something going wrong because of the complexities of the human being, who can say they have been born with a perfect body, free from all unsoundness?

I don’t begin to understand the science, and from what I’ve read, no one else does either, except for speculation and opinion. As Christians I believe we must look first to the truth as revealed by the Creator that our sex was predetermined and, as the article states, every single human cell contains chromosomes which identify whether we are male or female. (Is science now actually disputing this?) It is anyhow irrelevant to me as they are still, as you say, to be loved and respected because they are God’s creation. I cannot, however believe that God’s initial design for that person should be allowed to be manipulated by surgical or other techniques based upon the false notion that individual freedom now even extends to their choice of being either male or female.

Someone else mentioned the politics. Organizations promoting the Gender Spectrum openly try to indoctrinate children in public schools in certain states to accept an unholy theme. How is this not a revolution as the HF suggests?


Thank you for sharing this. Obviously, much is yet to be learned.

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