The new mass heresy?

Friends of CatholicAnswers I have a friend an Anglo-Catholic friend that called the Novus Ordo mass heresy? Is this true?
I am a Traditional Catholic but I thought the comment from my friend seemed a little far fetched. Grace and peace.

Basic answer is no, it is not heresy. Period. Full stop. End of story. Fin.

As for your friend, he can try to prove it.

For one thing, Anglicans have no business calling out the Catholic Church on heresy.

For another there’s always the principle of put up or shut up (formally known as “the one making the assertion has the burden of proof”).

So if he claims the new Mass is heresy, he should have no problem pointing it out to you.

Otherwise, he’s just parroting stuff.

NO…the heresy was splitting from the CC. That however does not mean that Anglicans themselves are heretics.

That would be schism, not heresy.

Anglo-Catholics are less likely to be heretics, but Anglicanism is a full spectrum of “acceptable” belief, and there are Anglicans who are pretty deep into heresy as well.

Of course not.

The Pope/Magisterium/Councils are the ones that have the authority from God to declare something a heresy. Anything else is either protestantism or protestantism in disguise.

People like to call anything that they don’t like or agree with a heresy. Did he provide you with any reasoning?

Richard I? My, you have gone back centuries for a User Name. But the Lionheart was quite the remarkable figure in history, I must say.

If you are a catechumen, this “new” Mass heresy may be new to you but I can assure you it has been around for lo these five decades since the renewal of the liturgy – not just the Mass – following the last Ecumenical Council.

Such sayings are ridiculous statements by very pitiable souls; they deserve no more credence than one would give to the ramblings of mad people.


With one difference: mad people can get better with medication at least 60% of the time; however, Sedevacantism is resistant to the most powerful antipsychotics. :smiley:

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