The New Normal

Has anyone heard anything about the upcoming t.v. show “The New Normal”?

I saw an ad for it and it encompasses everything about society that I worry about: namely moral deterioration. Basically the premise is that a woman becomes a surrogate mother so a gay couple can start a family.

If this really going to be the new normal for society, we are in A LOT of trouble.

any thoughts?

I saw the preview for it and all I could say was wow. :eek::confused: It’s being promoted heavily as well.

It looks funny in a “Modern Family” kinda way. Ellen Barkin is hilarious in the commercials!

You are correct. It is filthy propaganda.

Spirit of Antichrist.

Your spirit is right-to be alarmed.

Marriage is a SACRAMENT. There are 7 in our Catholic Faith.
Protestants have 2: Baptism & Marriage.

Under attack.
Pray, Hope and Don’t Worry. -St. Padre Pio

Remember-we win.

+Jesus, I Trust in You!
Love, Dawn

This had shown me another reason why I should focus on the entertainment here in the Far East!

I was watching the Olympics with y kids. The adverts come on so I go get them a drink, and come back to the preview of this show.

I had some damage to undo.

We never watch TV, rare events like the Olympics or Manchester United matches are the exception.

I’m not letting some electronic device educate and shape my kids.

Ugh…I’m soooo glad we don’t have cable tv anymore…but I do wish I could see The Olympics :slight_smile: Still not good enough reason to have cable…

I beg to differ.
It’s as boring as it gets!

For those up in arms saying it is propaganda I find that hard to believe… a) there are much better ways to fool the masses (I should know… who said that? :stuck_out_tongue: ) and b) it seems overly cynical and just too well planned out. IMO it seems more the cause of societies changes (or propaganda as you wish to call it) then the effect, it is just a poorly written bad knock off of Modern Family (a great show), notice how it is on NBC. Also it is a sitcom any sitcom just pokes fun at society as it is, and well this is society now…

As for the kids I have a hard time thinking they were damaged, haven been one not to long ago (some would still say I am, I would say thank you for the compliment) tv culture wasn’t all that damaging it was mostly fake entertainment or fake really stupid attempts at entertainment. As for those who will now claim that I was clearly damaged by it because of my views on homosexuals, I can tell you that tv wasn’t why, it was more like the other side being unable to explain their view in a way that a) made sense and b) I should support. I don’t mean to offer unsolicited parenting advice in any way to offend you, just figured putting this as I was a kid growing up in the culture might help direct your efforts :slight_smile:

Ok I will go back to my hole now :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Mother Angelica made a good comment many years ago:

“If everything in this world has, as its ultimate origin, either Heaven or Hell, where is that stuff on your TV coming from?”

God bless y’all…

  • Rob in Oregon

Um both heaven and hell, and that is if we accept that idea…

Whether you accept God or not, there is only 1 Truth.

That’s how one gets to Heaven.

+Jesus, I Trust in You!
Love, Dawn

Good morning, Zimm3,

“Propaganda” is as good a term for what the devil and his followers preach as it is for what this Administration spews.

Until you’ve been a parent, until you carry the responsibility for shaping young lives, I’d advise you not to judge another parent’s right and duty to preserve his or her children to godly input.

God loves you,

Thanks to (most of) TV - dumb is the new smart.

Well I have three girls all very devout young woman. My youngest contemplating a sister of the divine word.

I read some of the post on this TV show and see “damage control” and “children’s Godly input”. Do the children of these people plan to live in this world or are they going to be surprised when all of a sudden they enter it and realize that it’s not the perfect wonderful world they thought. I wanted my daughters to see what the world is, what’s wrong with it so they are prepared to do battle in it. I do however, think of a quote I use with my confirmation students “Setting a daily example of love can convert more people around us to God than any discussion on religion. People will unknowingly be drawn to your virtues. When they find out that God is at the center of your life, they will begin to understand and hopefully want to develop a relationship with Him as well.”

Welcome to CAF! :wave:

I’m sure you would agree, though, that there is a difference between making sure our children are aware of the evil that men do and plunging the headlong into the deep of it without a life preserver.

I’m not interested in sheltering my kids from ever encountering something disagreeable, but I’m not going to encourage them to seek it out as entertainment. :shrug:

If it wasn’t on NBC, I would say its ratings indicate we won’t have to worry about it for long. Since their bar is considerably lower, who knows. :shrug: They already picked it up for a full season.

Sadly, even this trend is spreading to Asia.

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