The New Roman Missal: Fr. Lasance

My question is specific to the Fr. Lasance New Roman Missal.

Fraternity Publications has announced they are taking orders for a new reprint of the 1945 missal.

They say on the website that is a “beautiful reproduction of the original 1945 text”

I know there have been previous reprints released.

My question is, are they new typeset missals or are they photocopied reproductions bound into a book?

Not sure but just wanted to say I love Fraternity Publications.

There is no contradiction. Each page will be reproduced photographically, but the printing and binding – the whole manufacturing process – is the same as for any book.

I should add that I’m not familiar with Fraternity nor with this particular book, but that’s how things are done all the time at, for example, TAN Books and Dover Publications.

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thanks, I understand what you’re saying. In high school, a friend of mines parents owned a print shop with a Linotype machine and Heidelberg press. I watched many a handbill, envelopes and business statements printed in that shop. So I guess I’m thinking along those lines. Think of how newspapers used to be printed.

I hadn’t thought about everything being digitally printed these days.

What I was really thinking about was, did they scan an old missal and reprint that?

Or did they go through and recreate the missal via new typeset (which would correct any previous printing errors, grammatical errors, etc.) and then digitally print that document. It appears to have the original illustrations which I assumed were scanned and not redrawn but it’s possible.

Angelus press makes mention of a totally new typeset for their Angelus 1962 missal. That is what raised my question about the Lasance missal.

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Your best bet is to contact Fraternity Publications directly and ask, but I’m guessing that “reproduction of hte 1945 text” means they photocopied the page and didn’t re-typeset the whole thing.

My Lasance missal, purchased over 25 years ago, is a photographic reproduction — or at least it looks that way — but it is very, very clean, the best such reproduction I’ve ever seen. To tell the truth, I always just assumed it was typeset, until I got up just a moment ago, went to my bookshelf, and verified that, indeed, it does look photographic.

Interestingly, on the page I picked entirely at random, there was a typo — the word “pennances”, three Ns. And just to clarify, the spelling “eumdem”, which also appears in Lasance, is not a typo. Either spelling, “eumdem” or “eundem”, is acceptable.

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Fraternity Publications has told me that it is a reprint and not new typeset.

That won’t dissuade me from ordering a copy.

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