The New Sex Abuse Scandal - All Caught on Tape

**The New Sex Abuse Scandal - All Caught on Tape

**Oh, you didn’t hear about it in the news? The cover up? The child rape? Your tax dollars? The “evidence” bagged up and thrown into dumpsters?
It’s got all the makings of a great tabloid headline or suspense thriller. Except this time every bit of it is true. And there is hard evidence to prove it. I’m talking, of course, about the cover up of sex abuse and child rape by Planned Parenthood and organizations like them. And more evidence was just released today (shown below).
It’s interesting. If the Pope sneezes into a tissue that was handed to him by someone who once had mass with a child-abusing priest who has since been taken out of service, the Church is smeared by every news media outlet that can creatively come up with a headline by scrambling around the words “sex”, “pedophile”, “boys”, “pope”, “priest” and “catholic.”


PP not reporting what is supposed to be consensual sex between an adult and a minor is despicable, there is no doubt about that, but it doesn’t negate from the seriousness of holy men abusing children.

That said, these videos of PP really upset me. I followed link after link watching videos, and they are truly doing the devils work. To say that the brain of a fetus doesn’t function, teaching young girls how to have abortions without their parents knowledge or consent, ‘bending’ the rules to hide statutory rape…would so many people be “pro-choice” if they knew the truth about how these death mills operate?

There would be less, that much is sure.

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