The New Thundercats Series

I am so addicted to this series. I had my doubts at first, being an old foggy, and I will admit, Lion O and Tigyra being brothers is odd. I’m not too big on their anime look, but other than that, I can’t see where this is all that bad a series. I had hoped for a brilliant remake ala the 2002 Master of the Universe series, and it seems my prayers have been answered!

So what does you all think? Any other Thunder Cats 2011 fans out there? Even the original fans?

The last I heard of a remake, it wasn’t going to happen. I vaguely remember the original as a kid, but I liked it enough back then. I’ve got to watch this when I have some spare time, probably after the holidays :slight_smile:

Yeah that one remake a few years ago, with the cats as musicians from a nother world, and mumm ra as a vampire, and snarf as the cat’s leader. That remake flopped big time

THIS one however has got it absolutely right! Its just so blasted awesome! With strong winks to the old show, as well as to Silverhawks, (Monstars has a screen shot cameo) and for those who can remember, TigerSharks.

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