The New Totalitarianism, 'Hate Crimes,' and Same-Sex 'Marriage'


This is from Catholic Culture. I thought this was pretty interesting. In the light of Bill S. 1145 in mind.

It seems to me that the high level of violence in the homosexual militants’ style sometimes astounds me.

Intidation factor is one that comes to mind. There was this one paper in Canada that refused to print the gay pride day add, and was fined until it was printed, or to be shut down.

Undemocratic in a sense of a government trying to impose a diktat but doing it nicely. The consequences will not be so ‘nice’. This is how, as Aristotle right points out, democracies degenerate into oligrachies. The Homosexual Militants’ style of violence echoes that of the Nazi hooligans of the late 1920’s and 1930’s. True there is no concentration camps but, we could have a bunch of politically incorrect inmates imprisoned simply for speaking the truth. I believe that both ‘same-sex’ marriage and ‘hate-crime’ bills were forced through in an undemocratic way and brings about an restructering of human society and human nature.

It seems to me that even in this country we have the elements of state enforced social reconstruction already in operation similar to Orwell’s 1984. Its like Orwell said we have arrived in a situation in which “some are more equal than others.” Its like Philosopher Peter Kreeft once said, to abandon moral absolutes will be eventually ruled by a police state. He said, “We either choose conscience or cops.” All the exterior transcendent absolutes that ruled our society and protected us from the subjectivity and aggressive social movements are gone.



Of course the word totalitarianism, means absolutizing of the power of state or systems controlled by the state. In order for this to be accomplished genuine absolutes must be established and replaced with false ones. The absolute ruler attempts to destroy diversity in the name of unity. With re-education he attempts to establish totalitarianism but with the idea of extending his grasp into more and more aspects into to human life. As a consequence he becomes more and more hostile to everything outside his own will. As his power becomes negative, at the same time opposes what cannot be exstinguished in the human person.

In Remaking mankind Christopher Dawson warns that the masters we have now are not vicious like Domitian and Nero were, but more mechanism in world power oriented. Even when Hitler took high office many people overlooked his sinister errors and policies. By taking in the lesser evil than the horrifying one they experienced before than brought about an evil of epic proportions.

Something for us to think about.


This is a genuine concern. The idea of non-discrimination has been stretched and diluted and turned into a weapon. Now, good Catholic Christians are somehow made to feel as though they are horrible people for standing up for the Truth and insisting that they can do so without hating someone. Instead we are told that we cannot love the Truth without HATING people…that is just not true. We can hate sin, love sinners and ADORE the Truth.


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