The New Word on Fire Bible

Did any of y’all see the new word on fire bible that’s coming out soon?

Just saw Matt Fradd talk about it last night.

It looks AMAZING


I’m glad someone’s talking about it. I mean, besides just asking what it is or if anyone knows.

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Both Matt Fradd and Breaking in the Habit had positive reviews on Youtube today.

The first volume is the Gospels only and it looks beautiful inside with thick glossy paper with gilded edges and a spacious layout, full color reproductions of artwork, essays by Bishop Barron and quotes from Church fathers.

It’s scheduled for release in June and is definitely something that I’ll save up money to buy.

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Sure does :open_mouth: In any case, I’m not in the market for a new Bible translation.


It looks gorgeous. Is there a text description of it? Or do I have to come back and watch a video later. What translation does it use? Aside from art, what does it bring to the table that’s new? Is it just a high quality collector’s item?

My Bible collection already takes up quite some space. I’ll have to consider whether I can justify another purchase.

Edit: Okay, I watched the video. I don’t know what the translation is, but it looks like it has a large collection of commentary, reflections, and essays. Some of the names I saw for those were Bishop Barron, G.K. Chesterton, and Thomas Aquinas.

I’d like to read more about it.

I think I heard it’s using the NABRE.

One of the comments says NRSVCE.


Ah, NRSVCE it is then.

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