The newest catholic


Our daughter was baptized tonight.

Thought I’d share a pic with my fellow CAFers.


thanks so much for the pic! Congrats


Welcome to the newest member of our family!

(PS: I looove the smell of the oil, too. Can’t keep from snuggling & sniffing their sweet baby skin!)


What a beautiful girl! Welcome into the Church, Bailey!


Congratulations. Yup, the oils smell yummy don’t they.


She’s beautiful! Welcome and congrats to Bailey!


awwwwww. Welcome Bailey darling!




She’s absolutely beautiful!

Congratulations, Bailey

God bless you and your family always,



I remember when my son was baptized.
He cried and then I cried.
It was pretty cool!


May God bless you with many more!


How sweet! I can’t wait for our turn! :smiley:


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