The next movie to hit against Christianity


I’m not sure if the topic should be placed under apologetics. :shrug:

But I recently came across this…:eek:

I guess they don’t understand that Dan Brown’s novel was fiction still, huh?

The site even has a ‘get involved’ to spread the word…


I wouldn’t worry too much about this movie, it’s a very amateur effort. The type of people who would be convinced by this are people who are beyond reason.


It’s ironic that the guy who made the “bloodline” movie is the same guy who made movies that covered the bigfoot, and bermuda triangle conspiracy movies. His credentials are wack, and the movie is as well.

Burgess, who plays a huge on-screen part as narrator and explorer in the film, interviews numerous people, some claiming to be affiliated with the Priory of Sion, which, according to some documents, knows the whereabouts of the proof that shows Jesus and Mary to have had kids and gone to France following the alleged Crucifixion. The basic problem is that the Priory is a secret society and that as such, one can’t trust that the people Burgess meets who claim to be members of the group are members of the group. It is also never explained why a secret society would place letters and documents in public archives if they are, in fact, a secret society.

In a nutshell, that’s the problem with the entire documentary, if the documentary is taken as fact – no proof of anything, whatsoever, can be offered the viewer. It’s all a lot of fascinating supposition, and terribly intriguing for the majority of its nearly two hour runtime, but it offers no proof whatsoever. Very ridiculous, and will mislead many people to turn away from Christianity.:frowning:


All these lies in the movies are evident of the Anti-Christ who deny the Father and the Son. see 2 John 2:18 , 2:22

Let’s test every spirit. Thanks.

Godwin A. Delali :thumbsup:


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