The Next Prophet or Spokeman of God


Christ also called out the scribes, Pharisees and hypocrites, calling them whited sepulchres.


And His Vicar, Pope Francis, invited severa LDS leaders to the Vatican to be part of a conference on marriage and the family back in '14.

We are to be charitable and forgive those who persecute us. 70 times 7 times in all things


The Mormon cult is dangerous and I won’t stop warning unaware people about them.


@Lemuel With your background, I would think that qualifies you to do that. I however know very little of LDS teachings, so I cannot.


And just what are they prophesying - Jesus has come - there is nothing else.

Oh ya you have a different bible and believe in a different God. Its not the Christian God we believe in .


Name calling or making fun of someones username is not kind nor appropriate. It also demeans the dignity of a person. And harms the soul of the one doing the demeaning.
“Lemuel” is a Hebrew name. It means: Devoted to God.


No, they have the Bible and they have The Book of Mormon.


As do the Muslims, with which the LDS shares an alarming number of traits.


Its not the same bible - God is a man who did not create the universe - he earned Godhood - how does that fit with Genesis and the Christian faith - it doesn’t.


Maybe not, but 130 innocent men, women and children at Mountain Meadows was no small feat.


Thanks for sticking up for me, but I actually thought it was funny.

One of their prophets, David Bednar, gave a talk about being offended. He said it was a choice. I agree with that and I always choose not to be offended.





Your not answering my question how do you get past Genesis with their belief - don’t put a link there I have seen it - what I am saying is believed by the Mormon Church. How as a Catholic can anyone get past that and they preach equality with God - that I can be God


Probably so. He will also allow us to cut off our arms or stick toothpicks into our eyes. We have free choice.


I did not say I agreed with them. I said they have the Bible. I did not say which version.


No version of the Bible teaches that - only the Mormon church does


They have two versions: The King James Version and the Joseph Smith was hallucinating version.


[quote=“Lemuel, post:15, topic:466409”]
Mormons used to teach that this is the Catholic Church. Now, they don’t officially teach it, but behind closed doors, they all know that this is the Catholic Church. It’s just a wink and a nod sort of thing. I know, I was Mormon for decades.[/quote]
What closed doors would those be? I’ve been active LDS for 40+ years, and in maybe 5 different bishoprics, behind a lot of closed doors, but nobody has ever winked or nodded this to me, ever.

I’ve had individual members share various beliefs with me, and this is one of them, but I’ve never experienced this “oh, they all know it, they just don’t talk about it any more” stuff Lemuel is claiming.


I have also been in 5 bishoprics and been a Branch President, taught seminary, served two missions, taught gospel doctrine several times, and been a temple ordinance worker and I was active for 57 years. What does all that matter?

Those closed doors would be high priest group meetings, bishopric meetings, Ward Council meetings, RS meetings, and sitting around the campfire at Father and Sons outings meetings, to name a few.


Wait, what? I am talking about The King James Version. Not the Joseph Smith version. Have you read the KJV?

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