The Nicene Creed at Mass


So, a few months ago, I noticed my priest removes the word “men” from the Nicene creed, during Mass. I hadn’t noticed this, until a member of the parish leadership pointed it out to me, as if it was a great thing our priest was doing. Since then I have noticed this omission. From reading here, I am aware that this is an abuse, but I was wondering if this would be worth asking him about or should I just let this issue be?


I would say, ask the priest about it, if he claims it is not a big deal, then you need to stress that it is. If he still does not listen to reason that he must follow the rules, then you should contact your bishop.


Thanks. So this is big enough to warrant going to the bishop, if the priest refuses to listen? Don’t get me wrong this bothers me immensely, but I’m not sure I could imagine considering taking this to the bishop.


Yes, it is a big deal, IMO. I would go to the Bishop.


"For us and our salvation..." could include non-humans. "For us men" was put in the Creed to counter the heretical idea that Christ died also for the fallen angels (which was taught by Origen among others). "Men" refers to descendants of Adam alone.


Sad. At least your pastor allows the Nicene Creed.

After the verbiage changes to the Mass, my pastor only allows the Apostle’s Creed. :mad:


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