The Nineveh Journey


Called “A Journey of Hope” and “Suffering for Suffrage,” The Nineveh Journey is 50 days of prayer and fasting for the election of a pro-life president and super-majority in the House and Senate (as well as government officials at lower levels). This event is a wonderful way to make a difference, and it is a project for everyone who cares about the dignity of the human person. The Nineveh Journey starts on September 6 and ends on November 4, Election Day. “America is in no better shape than ancient Nineveh. We must do everything we can to help save our country, and Nineveh gives us a model of hope to follow.”

For more information about the project, visit the official website. Don’t forget to sign up too!


Heavely Father who loves each person so dearly, please grant the success of this journey of prayer. I ask You this in the name of Jesus Your beloved Son.

Abortion and abuse
Our God, we come before You with unspeakable anguish. Each year, millions of unborn children are murdered in their mothers’ wombs. Only You can bring good out of something so terrible.
Allow these innocents to plead for their parents and this world with their faultless purity. Glorify Yourself in them, by allowing them in some special way to work for the coming of Your kingdom!

Numerous infants and children are abused or neglected. Let their grievances cry out for repentance and healing of their murderers and persecutors, and plead for their own loving protection. Bring to light the plight of abused children, youth and women. Let others rescue them from dangerous situations, and provide them with healing and safe environments.

Our Father and theirs, let it be that all children, born and unborn, will come to be received with the welcome Christ offers to each little one, in gladness, care, hope, blessing and love.

God be with you and your country, and may your country bring forth elected leaders who protect the lives of all it’s citizens, Trishie


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