The Not-so-new liturgical movement


Coincidentally, someone on another thread just posted a “Remnant” video. Somehow this is about Cardinal Sarah?


So much said about how we physically stand in the presence of the Lord 1 hour a week on Sunday, and 1/2 an hour the other six days in liturgy, yet so little said about how we stand spiritually in the presence of God the rest of the week…seems a shame, and a misuse of time God has blessed us with.


A return to the pre-Conciliar liturgy would certainly be a step backwards. But sometimes when you make a wrong turn, you need to turn back. :previous_track_button:

Unfortunately, it’s going to take later generations who are not clinging rigidly to the ideologies and outdated forms of the past (ie the 60s and 70s) to be able to admit that emptied churches, emptied seminaries, and paltry belief in the Real Presence and Mass as a sacrifice is not actually a successful outcome compared to the state of things before the reform…

Compare these numbers to the per capita belief in these truths and vocations formed from those who attend the older form. One might object that those who choose to attend the older form are more disposed to believing these truths or open to a vocation, but then the question is why are such devout souls drawn disproportionately to the old rite…


I have to admit Father, I would have figured you as being more of a “Remnant-burner”. :smile: The folks at the Wanderer went through a painful, intergenerational family crisis back in the 60s for the sake of Vatican II and the Novus Ordo. While one side of the family left to found the Remnant and helped Mgr. Lefebvre establish the SSPX in the US, the other side chose to submit to the hierarchy and accept the post-Conciliar changes.


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