The Notebook: appropiate for couples?


I have not seen the movie The Notebook and wouldn’t plan on seeing it but my girlfriend really likes it and so now I’m curious about it.
I’ve heard and read of the bad stuff on the movie, and she says she always skips it and it doesn’t affect the movie.

The point is, even with skipping these inapropiate parts, would the movie remain inapropiate for a couple in their 20s?

We’re both very Catholic and so want to avoid any uncessary temptation. The problem is that even if the parts are skipped, the content remains the same: the couple have had pre-martial sex, etc.

So, would this movie be a good romantic movie to watch as a couple?

Also, besides Pixar and pixar-like movies, what romantic movies are good and innocent for couples to watch?

Pax Christi

On the basis that you are skipping through the sex scenes, then I would say that it is appropriate for a couple to watch. The basic plot of the movie is really good, and it is a romantic movie.

Other good romantic (often thought of as chick-flick movies) for couples would be “P.S. I love you” possibly “The lake house” and a favorite movie of mine with a romantic side to it is “Sweet home Alabama.” Other than that, I can’t think of any movies - my mind is drawing a major blank. :slight_smile:

This is one of my favorite movies. There are really no sex scenes, only the implication. You really don’t notice it much as it’s not a focus of the movie. It’s a wonderful movie about true love and all that a man went through to show his commitment to the woman he loved. One evening I was watching it and my husband happened to walk by and got drawn in by James Garner’s character. We both cried at the end. He likes it, too.:slight_smile:

**** SOME SPOILERS AHEAD!!!************

Uh, yeah, Noah’s undressing Allie while he’s half undressed after they’ve been clinging to each other kissing for the last 3 or 4 minutes… not a whole heck of a lot left to the imagination. Other than that, it was a very good story. They could have cut all that out and not compromised the story at all. The scenes with James Garner and Gena Rowland were the ones that made me cry, not the ones with the younger couple.

“P.S. I Love You” was a great story, but did they REALLY have to throw in all that stuff about the gay club? Did we really have to hear Harry Connick Jr.'s character’s sex fantasies? Did “Holly” really have to sleep with her deceased husband’s best friend? Did any of that REALLY further the story? And Gerard Butler’s “Chippendale’s” parody, while funny, was also very, uh, well, shall we say “tempting”?

“A Walk in the Clouds” with Keanu Reeves is one of my favorites, with few problematic elements, but I liked the way Keanu’s character did NOT give in to temptation.

“Bella” was terrific, although not necessarily a romantic movie, it was in a very deep sense a LOVE story.

And what about the original “Rocky”? Yes, it’s a love story, not very “romantic”, but very much a love story!

“Shall We Dance?” with Richard Gere and J. Lo. was also a good one. Even convinced my DH to take dance lessons (THAT didn’t last very long, but he tried!)

Most movies could do with a little “pruning”, but those are my favorites for a “dinner and a movie” date!

“Garden State” is a very good movie. Yeah there are some not so good parts, (Like most movies) but it has an amazing story. It’s so romantic and just…awesome. It’s my favorite movie!

My standard for movie watching is “would I watch this movie with Jesus sitting next to me?” If the answer is no, then I do not watch it. You might try that approach:)


I could heartily recommend “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” and “Cast Away”. Both good, clean love stories… :thumbsup:

I saw Garden State for the first time a few weeks ago. I must say it was a pretty good movie. Then ending was sort of predictable but nice.

When watching movies I don’t look at the immoralities unless it is everywhere with no underlying message. When watching movies I focus on it’s main theme, message, symbolism ect. Even if it’s a comedy I love getting a few laughs even if there is some sexual comedy. It’s one thing to enjoy a movie and another thing to do things “because it was in a movie”. I don’t think the temptation is really there unless there is sex everywhere in it.

The notebook is by far a great movie for couples of any kind. I’d say a couple in their teens it is sufficient. Early 20’s come on… are you serious? The couple in the movie were teenagers and people married young in those days.

I am involved in the catholic club at my university and at our house there is a movie collection that has the notebook (I think). I know it has several good R movies.

I really liked The Notebook…it’s not for a younger audience, but has a really beautiful love story. :thumbsup:

I didn’t like The Notebook at all. Not because it was inappropriate, but because I can’t stand stories where people stay apart for no reason. It’s like they make their own problems instead of trying to fix them. The movie was just frustrating.

Unless I’m mistaken, Noah and Allie were not married during the “love scenes” in “The Notebook”.

Young or old, sex outside of marriage is a sin and such a, um, shall we say, exuberant portrayal of what was about to take place could be an occasion of sin to those watching–especially if it is an young, engaged couple (and, yes, I know, it didn’t actually show them having sex, but one would have to be innocent beyond belief not to understand what was about to take place!) I had a friend who told me her daughters (13 and 15) just LOVED that movie and watched it over and over and I just couldn’t help but cringe at what ideas about love and romance were being implanted in those young impressionable minds. One would HOPE it was the lifelong devotion of the older Allie and Noah, but then again, probably not.

What’s really sad is that anytime a movie is touted as “romantic” or a “love story” or even has a secondary storyline about a romance, it almost always involves sex out of wedlock. Examples:

Another movie I liked was “No Reservations” (with Catherine Zeta-Jones, which is why my husband and son liked it, too! :wink: ) BUT… there again, in the middle of the movie, oh, the girl likes the guy, let’s have him spend the night with her. Totally unnecessary! Also, “The Guardian” with Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher. Something we thought our then-13-year-old son could see, but TWICE we had to stop and have a talk with him (especially when Ashton Kutcher’s character told his girlfriend he was into “casual” relationships!)

I always ask myself, if they had left out those scenes, would it have affected the story in any way? Most of the times, no. I still enjoy movies, but I realize more and more how desensitized we have become as a society that we view sex outside of marriage as not merely accepted, but expected. Whether movies are merely reflecting that attitude or causing it is a topic for another thread.

Can someone help me down off this soapbox please? :smiley:

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