The Numberphile and 666

Not sure if this was the rigght section of the forum. But I think this is good apologetic material. This is an awesome video I wanted to share with anyone, who is a math junkie,
or likes to study apologetics. It is a secular video, but it is an analysis of 666 from a number theory and anthropologist prospective. Apparently, the original number according to this man, was not 666, but 616; one of my favorite you tube channels by the way.

Something I can’t wait to talk about next time I’m “Evangelized”

I am no historian or a Math major (yet ;)).
Take my word with a grain of salt but I will tell you want I know.

There definitely is a debate in some regard between the true number (whether it is 616 or not). In regards to history I have seen some study Bibles that say the number is in reference to Nero. Revelations to my knowledge is an apocalyptic book of the Bible, so it would be fitting for such a reference to be made. After all, one should always consider the context of the Bible. The Bible is about applying things in the past to our every day life if we are to include it in how we live, which is why context and understanding Revelations in such a fashion is important.

So if the number truly is in reference to Nero, then I accept that from a historical perspective. I have met someone sort of like a mentor that it does not however change the view of Revelations in relation to the future of mankind and can serve as both a future for the time of Nero and our futures.
In regards to which is the true number, then I am not knowledgeable enough to say with complete confidence.

This is my opinion with my current knowledge. Something I should definitely bring up in the RCIA, wonder what answers I’ll get :smiley:

He didn’t say that the original manuscripts had the number 616, but that in the 3rd-4th centuries they wrote 616 as they already knew who the Beast described in the Book of Revelation was. We don’t have those versions, as St. Anthanasius and the rest of the members of the Council of Nicaea responsible for formulating the New Testament relied on the older, more accurate and more reliable versions of the books, which would preferably go back to the 1st century itself. :thumbsup:

666/616 is more of a non-Catholic Christian thingie than a Catholic thingie. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Right! We don’t bother with making anything of that. :slight_smile:

Right, but a priest I know refused that number on his license plate when it was given to him, feeling it was rather inappropriate. :smiley:

We are a little more influenced than we realize.

Without the whole constellation of 666 theories and interpretations, many a radio preacher would have to get a real job.

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