The nun movie - I’m so catholic now


So I went to see new movie the NUN cos I love my horror movies. But you can tell they didn’t really consult a catholic because the good nun who was the lead didn’t genuflect when she went in. And huge plot hole - there was a relic they found containing the blood of Jesus that they used to fight the demon. I was all like ‘why didn’t they just celebrate mass and use the consecrated wine ?’ Well it amused me anyway :slight_smile: it’s a very silly movie but good fun


Yeah, that’s a huge omission! It’s so ingrained in me I’ve found myself having to fight
the urge in supermarkets and sports halls. Especially if it’s straight after mass. I can’t
imagine what it must be like for women whose whole life revolves around Churches…


Have you seen it? Xx hope Yr well


I certainly am! Haven’t seen it yet, but I’ve been considering doing so. Would you recommend it? :grinning:


It’s never gonna be a classic but if you enjoyed the conjuring /Annabelle films it’s worth going to see as it explains where the demon in the conjuring 2 comes from


Oh, I’ve watched them! I did gather it wasn’t quite classic calibre. :joy:

Not to say it’s not worth seeing. I reckon I may well do so, thanks!


Drag me to hell was so scary for me apart the bit with the possessed goat which was ridiculous :joy:


I can’t watch horror movies… I tried watching Annabelle in a theater once, and I had my eyes covered and ears closed for at least half the movie. Even then I had nightmares and my heart was racing so much I felt dizzy.

I guess I’m just not built to withstand horror.


Yes, that did look rather wacky! Not exactly in keeping with the atmosphere of the film. :rofl:


I shouldn’t but can’t resist them. After seeing George C Scott’s The Changeling in 1979 I slept with the light on for three nights.


That’s part of the fun!!! Haha aw bless u they aren’t for everyone I love a good scare


Well maybe this is just my instincts talking, but I hate being scared. :joy: I never will understand how some people actually enjoy putting themselves through fear. People are actually putting themselves through a stress-survival response! For fun! Crazy. :joy:


I am one of those who does roller coasters too it’s weird isn’t it how we are all wired differently


Okay, I do roller coasters. They’re not so demonic. :stuck_out_tongue:


I liked this series in that some things were slightly believable with classic demonology or occult significance also the inclusion of the rosary was nice but they still got a lot of things wrong in the other movies too… they weren’t that scary or impressive. Movie I liked along these lines was The Rite w Anthony Hopkins but even that was a little sleepy. Give me something as Gothic as Bram Stokers Dracula or Interview with the Vampire. Beetlejuice Edward Scissor Hands and we’re talking. I wish they had catholic gothic horror movies that were deeper or more romantic like these. Over the years I really wasn’t that impressed by even the Exorcist or Hellraiser. Best older one was probably The Omen.

I will wait for the video…


I didn’t see a tabernacle or monstrance for the “perpetual adoration” either. Did you? There was several ommisions and errors absolutely.


Yeah just a cross!! And the priest didn’t question that either and didn’t attempt mass. Tut tut!!


Oh definitely the rite was awesome based on a book . And I also love interview with vampire and Dracula I’m also a bit of a goth. I will always remember watching the Ricky lake show and there was this goth kid who said all Catholics are technically vampires as they drink the blood of Christ and I was like …


I only go on roller coasters that you sit in and the track is over your head.

I don’t like the type that jiggle you all around.


You mean the ones you dangle from?? :nauseated_face:

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