The nun who became a mogul

The nun who became a mogul

The Second Vatican Council in the early 1960s intended to open one or two windows. Modernist radicals were more interested in smashing stained glass. Genuinely Catholic bishops, priests, teachers and activists found themselves marginalized and in some cases persecuted… Mother Angelica with a cause is a sight to behold. Muscular Christianity at its most compelling…

Like most orthodox Christians, be they Catholic or Protestant, she simply wants the same rights and abilities as the non-religious world to express her views… While welcoming Playboy TV and various semi-pornographic networks into this country, the … CRTC ruled that Canada was too vulnerable, too fragile and too atheistic to need or want Mother Angelica… Eventually the CRTC changed its mind…

Author Raymond Arroyo makes clear what some of us have experienced at first hand. That the last acceptable prejudice in allegedly polite North American society is bigotry toward Christians – unless they are Christians who have jettisoned Christ. Mother Angelica overcame that hostility.

Rather, she told it in no uncertain terms to go to [expletive deleted]… She and others have changed the nature and the subject of the debate. Secularists don’t like that at all, which is why they are currently so vehemently angry and prefer to dismiss the arguer rather than oppose the argument.

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