The NY Times Attack Article on Intelligent Design


It’s largely an ad hominem attack on the Discovery Institute. To devote this much space (it is a lengthy article), the NY Times must sense a real threat to the dominant naturalistic culture which is promoted in the name of science.

August 21, 2005
Politicized Scholars Put Evolution on the Defensive

SEATTLE - When President Bush plunged into the debate over the teaching of evolution this month, saying, “both sides ought to be properly taught,” he seemed to be reading from the playbook of the Discovery Institute, the conservative think tank here that is at the helm of this newly volatile frontier in the nation’s culture wars . . .


Does not supprise me. Anything that can remotely be tied to religion is to be vilified by the Culture of Perversion.



This is most unfortunate. As a scientist I can understand why Craetionism cannot be taught as science because creation is not amendable to study using only the scientific method. On the other hand the science of Darwinism is equally unsuitable for explaining it all. The notion of Intelligent Design takes us back to the Middle Ages when science, theology, and philosophy were not mutually incompatible, a methodology that in my opinion is quite workable for handling some of the BIG questions we have today. Unfortunately what we claim as open minds today jam shut when one of our sacred cows is called into question. Science is just as prone to that problem as any other discipline.


Since it is obvious that the New York times evolves each day from a random pile of type that falls from a delivery truck and involves no intelligence, I never pay much attention to its views. :smiley:


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