The Obama 'Youth Program'

The “Obama youth” program may be coming to your kid’s high school. They’ll be advised to read “rules for radicals” from the ever friendly Saul Alinsky, among other things.

Can someone please, look at this- and tell me if I’m just scaring myself silly…I’m well aware that there are propaganda sites full of nonsense…

All the pages in these ‘packets’ are on the site…

Stop worrying about Obama, he’s just another politician & he’s already accomplished so much good?!

Jesus Christ has already won the battle against evil!

We are called to witness to His Truth, not any one man’s message.

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


Holy martyrs of the Spanish Civil War, pray for us.

Obama Leads, to the tune of The Flag Up High.

Obama Leads! The Left will win the day for sure!
We will lie! Until the Lies become the Truth!
Comrades, the Right will become buried
Truth will fail and become what we say!

No more will God, be involved in our lives
This falsehood will be banished, til we win the day
Morality, will die beneath our jack boots!.
Obama Leads! Life is ours to command

Well, I think we should always worry about politicians. They have power to do good as well as evil. Some of President Obama’s first actions resulted in the restoration of U.S. funding for overseas abortions.

Please hold up our beloved country in prayer. Long, sincere prayer. It sorely needs it.

Besides the fact that this is incorrect, why did you phrase it as a question?

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