The offering up of pain... just how effective is it?


Hi everyone. I am offering up my foot pain (due to my foot surgery yesterday) in union with Jesus’ sufferings on the cross. However, I have to wonder, just how effective is offering up your pain for the salvation of souls? :shrug::confused:


Dear Holly, I guess we will only know for sure… in Heaven. How God uses our offerings to Him, He alone knows. At least for now.

But my “gut” feeling (for lack of a better term)… is that our offerings to Almighty God are of infinite value; especially, when done with great love. Blessed Zelie Martin (mother of St. Therese of Lisieux) used to tell her little daughters that their offerings would “add a pearl to their crowns, in Heaven.”

I hope this helps, dear soul. God bless.



To me offering up our pain and other sufferings to help other souls is part of our own redemption. If we offer prayers for souls and they help, then I think that offering our suffering up with that love for others will benefit anothers soul. I agree with MarieVeronica that only God truly knows how the offerings are used. Some Saints make mention of offering their sufferings, both mental and physical, to God for others, departed or alive. I trust in God to use my sufferings to help someone in very dire need of graces. Especially the Holy Souls in Purgatory or the conversion of sinners. I always think if a saint says it is, then it must be. That’s why they are saints!

Hope your foot heals quickly and I will pray for fast healing!

God Bless!


Thanks Marie Veronica. It does help. I appreciate your post. :thumbsup:

Thank you TheVickinator. Your post is quite helpful and thanks as well for your prayers! :thumbsup:


That is very good. You don’t have to know how many souls are helped and here is another point. The more souls you help out the more pray for you in Heaven.
Another point is that one day when I was working on the roof of my house, I slipped and hammered my thumb. Straight awayI offered it up to Jesus telling Him that nothing I could go through would ever be as good as what He went through for my sins.
Right then while praying the pain all left and there was no sign of what had happened.



Redemptive suffering can have great merit, but MV was rigth (if I may paraphrase) that only God knows.

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Offering up your sufferings gives them to God who can use the merits of them for his own purposes or the purpose you offer them up for. How much merit is up to God. Just trust in God.


“…work out your salvation with fear and trembling.” Phil 2:12

Everyone here is right, only God knows how much it helps. I myself, though, find offering suffering to God emotionally liberating.


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