The "Old Testament Church"


I already did this on Phatmass but didn’t get as many responses as I hoped so…

"Okay, maybe “church” isn’t the best word, but what are the similarities between the OT (Old Testament) Temple system and priesthood, and the NT Catholic Church? For example, I know both the OT Jewish clergy and Catholic clergy wear ecclesial vestments like the mitre, had/have a sacred dead language (Hebrew, Latin), and some other things. Was the OT high-priest anything like the Pope? Was going to the synagogue like going to Mass? Was there a “Pontifical High Mass” in the Temple at Jerusalem? I also heard that the Israelites confessed their sins to a priest during a sacrifice. Is it possible that the Catholic Church resembles OT Judaism more than modern Judaism does? I’m very curious now. "


Interesting your thoughts…The Catholic and Jewish central celebration are a “sacrafice” and liturgical. They are presided over by a “priest”. There is a book currently on the Catholic Answers Home page called “Salvation is from the Jews” and a 3 cd/tape set by Rosiland Moss titled Jewish Roots of our Catholic Faith. I suggest you check that out.

Good luck in your search and God Bless you


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