The Old Testament tells us Humans and Demons had children Nephilim ? (Any thoughts)

This would explain much that still goes on today and is still to happen…

NO it does not. You are reading it incorrectly. The word ‘demon’ is not mentioned that far back in the Old Testament. The word ‘satan’ in the Old Testament means adversary and is not a proper noun.


The Book of Enoch, though not a part of the biblical canon, can give you a more detailed and elaborated explanation on that matter.


This is the first I heard of this. Can you provide chapter and verse references?

There is much debate as to the identity of the “sons of God.” But I always thought that the “sons of God” were fallen angels (demons) who mated with human females ?

Also a major reason why God told Noah to be ready for the floods.

There is debate. However, the term demons was not in use in the Hebrew Bible, So Old Testament scripture does not tell us humans and demons had children together.
It is undeterminable who the 'sons of God ’ were. The Hebrew is 'sons of Elohim.
Elohim is translated as God, gods.

here is a comment on this passage, it is one of the most perplexing for meaning.

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Except we aren’t exactly seeing 9-20 foot tall Giants with red hair, six fingers, and two sets of teeth walking down the sidewalk listening to their iPhones.

You might as well be debating on whether Bigfoot or Grey Aliens are real?

The common interpretation is that Angels even the fallen ones cannot reproduce and cannot create so it is impossible even for a Demon to impregnate a woman because they are pure spirit beings that have no bodies.

What most theologians think including the early Church Fathers is that the Nephilim are the product of the commingling of the children of Seth and the children of Cain.

There was a group of men who were the offspring of Seth who were essentially like proto-monks.

These men through a life of prayer and contemplation obtained angelic knowledge on a holy mountain but they were seduced by the daughters of Cain and came down from their mountain leaving their vocation.

They took the daughters of Cain as wives reproducing with them creating hideous offspring and in some cases Giants who became the mythological figures seen in many world religions.


So in your opinion could you explain , Who is the false prophet of the end times?

Human , Demonic , Beast ?

Human, his mother will be prostitute or very loose woman, he’ll be a Jewish man born of the tribe of Dan, he will be perfectly possessed by the Devil, a practitioner of the dark arts and forbidden sciences, and he will deceive the Jewish people convincing them that he is the awaited messiah and will be enthroned in the rebuilt Temple bringing about the abomination of desolation.


Very intresting and thank you for your input.

Never occurred to me the false prophet could be a Jewish person.

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Thanks for the tip. Now that I know, I’ll be on the lookout for such a man. How is it the Jewish people don’t know this so they can prepare against this false prophet, and where did you get this information?


Catholic eschatology many of the Church Fathers especially St Robert Bellarmine.

End of the Present World and the Mysteries of the Future Life

Good book gives quotations for many of the Church Fathers and Scripture.

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Here’s a good article from Catholic Answers.


There are a lot of interpretations of the various Antichrist/“man of perdition” prophecies in the OT and NT. A lot. A lot a lot.

The tribe of Dan thing comes from Jacob’s blessing/prophecy about how “Dan will be a serpent by the road,” and because Ephraim and Dan are not named in the list of saints from the tribes in Revelation.7:4-8.

The tribe of Dan had a reputation for being devious and for getting revenge. Samson was a member of the tribe of Dan.

Eventually Dan’s territory got conquered by the Assyrians, and the tribe of Dan got taken away and never got back to Israel. So they are one of the “lost tribes” integrated into Gentile society. (Which is probably why it doesn’t show up in the Revelation list of tribes.)

Which means that if the Antichrist comes from the tribe of Dan, he’s basically going to be a Gentile.

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Yes but you also have to remember that other religions besides Judaism are awaiting their equivalent of a messiah but in our holy book it warns of a coming deceiver who will deceive people of all races and faiths into the counterfeit religion.

Certain sects of Judaism still await their messiah whom we know to be truly Jesus Christ who came once in mercy and will come again in judgment, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and other religions are awaiting some prophesized messianic figure.

When all those religions accept some supposed world savior then we truly know he has arrived but as Saint Robert Bellarmine and many other Saints warn we shouldn’t seek to find the Antichrist lest we be deceived and become seduced by the real Antichrist.

And then there are other theologians who discuss the antichrist as already have made an appearance or there being several of them through time.

Nothing is set in stone.

Only in certain neighborhoods in California and Oregon, not in most US cities.


One of the sugegsted interprettaions on that page, and the one that makes most sense to me, is that God-believing men took for wives women who were daughters of non-believers. Their children were thus not raised in the faith and this led to an increase in sinfullness.

Maybe a warning for our times too.


Especially Fresno.

I don’t think this interpretation is correct. In Genesis the text points to sons of God and daughters of humans. You might think that God loving humans are sons of God but without Jesus is impossible.
And wouldn’t make sense to point to some women ( together with the sons of God in your interpretation, there must have been also daughters of God as well) as daughter of humans because of some personal sin.

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