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The old thread close, but I’m really interested in your thinking on this topic, so I’m reposting the exhange here.

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*"The same reasoning that says that someone with a rare disease that requires a transfusion or transplant, one for which you are the only possible donor, doesn’t have the right to force you to provide one.

I didn’t say I only relied on her bodily functions – I said that was the difference between a two-week-old embryo and you or me that affords different treatment."*

You seem to be saying that the mother isn’t required to “save” the fetus’ life, because the fetus doesn’t have the right to any part of the mother’s body. However, the fetus doesn’t have a rare disorder that only the mother can cure with transfusion/transplant. The mother-fetus relationship is the natural beginning of new human life. While your example describes an extraordinary situation, the mother-fetus relationship is ordinary.

It is considered noble to donate organs, tissue, and blood, because this relationship is not ordinary. The human body wasn’t designed in order to donate organs or tissue to others. The heat wasn’t designed to be given away. The human body wasn’t designed as a blood factory to supply others.

You wish to describe the natural beginning of human life as if it is an out of the ordinary use of the human body. This is like describing the heart as generous for supplying blood to the body, or the lung as virtuous for taking in oxygen. The uterus and other of the mother’s bodily systems naturally supply the fetus with all that it needs to live. This is not an extraordinary situation. This is exactly how the mother’s body is designed to work. This is not a bodily sacrifice or a extraordinary donation. This is simply life.

Why are you viewing gestation as a disease-like situation?

You’ve failed to name the moral principle which states that some human life is exempted from the right to life.

And I’m adding a new question.

Is the right to choose not to give up part of your body to save the life of another the same as choosing to **end the life of a fetus **which is growing naturally inside its mother-the mother’s body functioning as it was designed?

If you believe that it is, can you explain how?

Wow, I never thought of these aspects. Thank you for this post! It really makes one pause not only for a moment, but for deep reflection on what God’s will for us and our bodies really is.

God Bless.


**Edit: I didn’t mean to interrupt the flow of the thread. I am very interested in the response.

“I didn’t say I only relied on her bodily functions – I said that was the difference between a two-week-old embryo and you or me that affords different treatment.”"

I just want to respond to this remark. There is not a difference between a two-week old embryo and you or me that “affords different treatment.” A person is a person, and therefore has human rights. That means you can’t kill an and have your actions be acceptable embryo, an unborn human baby, any more than you can kill me and have your actions be acceptable.

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