The one who is to come


In the Saint Joseph Edition of The New American Bible, a footnote for The Gospel of Luke, Chapter 7, Verse 23 states:

Blessed is the one who takes no offense at me; this beatitude is pronounced on the person who recognizes Jesus' true identity in spite of previous expectations of what "the one who is to come" would be like.   

Why would anyone take offense at Christ?  
The Lord Jesus is the Son of God.    
 The Lord Jesus is the Savior.




A lot of people back then took offense at Christ, just like a lot of people today take offense at Christ.

They take offense because just His presence to those who are confronted by Him is an immediate catalyst which brings the knowledge of their sins to the front of their minds. He is the Truth, and His presence either evokes holy shame and repentance or offense and hardness of heart. His presence forces them to make a decision which many have for so long put off but upon confronting Him can be put off no longer.


Many of the Jews took offense. Especially the Scribes and Pharisees, when, for instance, he did “work” on the Sabbath, or CALLED HIMSELF GOD!! :eek:

Then there were the disciples who left him when he told them that they had to eat him. (John 6) That is apparently a very offensive thing to say. :shrug: :stuck_out_tongue:

The point is, these people should have recognised him for who he was, but they couldn’t accept him as he was. He was a “Stumbling Block”.


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