The only certainty that we have is that the experience exists

Please argue otherwise if you can.

What experience do you have in mind?

Whatever, including myself.

So, you argue that any experience is certain, and nothing else, even moral judgements, is certain?

Moral judgment has to be experienced too.

Give an example of something that you argue isn’t certain pls

I thought the only certainties were death and taxes?

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Death and taxes are experiences, silly

Myself. I just just experience myself. This means that there only exist experience with a content, myself. That is the only thing that we are certain about, experience not myself.

But all other experiences (minus birth) are optional. Death and taxes are unavoidable realities.

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If you are clever, you don’t have to experience taxes. Death is another matter entirely.

Nothing is certain in quantum physics.

If you exist and you know that you are contingent, that is you began to exist and you can go out of existence then the cause of your existence at any moment must be traced to something outside of yourself that is non-contingent. That is its subsists in itself without requiring an outside cause for its existence. This self existent cause is what we mean by God.

Re: thread title:

Not really. It could be AE.

But then, would AE exist?

How can you be certain about subjective experience?

We can’t know “who we are” if God won’t tell us about it. That’s what philosophy is.

I am familiar with this argument but what it has to do with the OP?

What is AE? I don’t recall that I or you defined it.

We experience experience.

Because It’s possible to be certain about God’s existence from logical arguments derived from general observations that everyone holds true like our own existence.

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