The Only Moslim


As Moslemah means “woman who submits to God”, there is but one who has done this perfectly, and that is Mary. All other women are less, and so are not truly Moslemah.

And there is only one Moslem, one man who submitted to God, who followed Islam, even to death on the Cross, and this is Christ Himself.

None, not Moses, not Elijah, not Muhammed, but Christ, is the only Moslem; the only man who submits perfectly to God.

And through Him we may all come to follow Islam, and submit to Allah. And as He is Al Ghafoor ul Wadood, all good and all loving, so should we be in our submission, a life we are only capable of because of the death and Resurrection of Allah Himself.


You seem to have forgotten a few things here… a Muslim beliefs in Muhammad as the last prophet. Neither Mary nor Jesus believed this.

Also, Muslims DO NOT believe that Jesus submitted to God by being executed on the cross. They believe that the entire crucifixion thing is a lie made up by the early church fathers.

So what is your goal here? To try to show Christians and specifically Catholics that Jesus and Mary were really Muslims so we should all be Muslims?

This does not work because of the things that you left out. It also does not work because Muslims believe that the NT is a forgery and almost everything we know about Jesus and Mary is a fabrication…. That the bible (OT & NT) are accurate only when they agree with the Qur’an.

Your words are blasphemy and not appreciated. Jesus and Mary do not need Muhammad, a false prophet, to justify them. Nor do they need the Qur’an, false scripture, to verify them.


Wouldn’t the fact that Jesus claimed to be the Son of God rule him out as a Muslim?


It is such a sticking point isn’t it? But Islam has that covered. They claim that this is a lie created by like early church fathers… especiallly Paul. They claim that the NT is, for the most part, a lie.


Christ is perfect man, for only a perfect man could be Muslim, could submit, perfectly, truly.

Christ is also Allah, for He claimed it, and so I believe it.


Rather, only those who falsely claim to be Muslim. They do not submit to God but to a lie.

The one true Muslim is Christ. The next closest people are Christians. Those who call themselves “Muslim” do not truly follow Islam, but rather the Devil.

So what is your goal here? To try to show Christians and specifically Catholics that Jesus and Mary were really Muslims so we should all be Muslims?

Hardly, for you are already the closest to Islam. Rather, my point is to state to the so-called “Muslims” here that to truly follow Islam, a man must pick up his cross and follow Christ.

Your words are blasphemy and not appreciated.

I do not see the blasphemy.


Hello SaintCyril,

it seems you’ve been misunderstood here. Your target audience, actual Muslims, is apparently not checking out this message board! :wink:

Fundamentally all the word “muslim” means is, as you say, “one who submits [to God].”

So, even Muslims would say that a Christian who submits to God is a “Muslim” despite whatever “distortions” (Muslims claim) Christians have introduced into the religion of Jesus, which the Muslims claim was “Islam” to begin with.

Mary’s “Let it be done to me according to Your Word” and Jesus’ “Let Thy will, not mine, be done” indeed show them to be true “muslims” (little ‘m’) in the sense of ones who submit to God. There is no blasphemy in proclaiming that, just Christian, especially Catholic-Orthodox, teaching.

Muslims cut Christians some slack because they see that we share their high regard for Abraham, Moses, and Jesus (they criticize us for seeing Jesus as God). We Christians should return the favor since Muslims do honor Abraham, Moses, and Jesus. We can agree to disagree (respectfully) about Muhammad.

Is it not ironic that the Qur’an makes the virgin birth of Jesus an article of faith, when many liberal Christians (including an Anglican bishop!) consider it a myth?



I appreciate SaintCyril’s intention for bridging gaps between Christians and Muslims for peace and unity. She is wellcome to continue her good intentions for breaking the ice.
I would, however, like to edit her post thus:
As Moslemah means “woman who submits to God”, Mary is one such Muslim person.
Jesus was also a Muslim as per above definition.
Moses, Elijah, Muhammed, JesusYeshuaIssa are all borthers in Islam who all submitted perfectly to GodAllahYHWH’s will.
And like JesusYeshuaIssa all Chrsitians truthfully submit to the will of Allah, who being Al Ghafoor ul Wadood, all good and all loving .

Muhammad had a marvelous record of a peace loving person for 40+13+2=55 years, he joined in welfare activities if there was any in Mecca, he helped the needy and in distress, he stood for the human cause, he never harmed any person. His record in these 55 years is clean by any standards.

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Ok, after reading the responses here I see that I did misunderstand what you are saying.

I was wondering why a Muslim was using the name ‘Saint Cyril’. Thought I’d seem non-Muslim posts by you… so I was confused. :blush:


If Muhammed truly submitted to God he would not have commited any sins. Yet he asks for forgiveness of sins in the Quran. Therefore he is not a true Moslem.

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