The Only Priest Who Stayed in a City Invaded By the Islamic State

The Only Priest Who Stayed in a City Invaded By the Islamic State

Mosul is one of the most important cities in Iraq, and one of the ones that has suffered most from the bloody horrors perpetrated by the fanatics of the Islamic State, the Jihadi group that proclaimed a caliphate in the region and imposed a reign of terror on the local population that lasted for three years, until it was defeated on July 10, 2017.

Since the fall of the terrorists, one priest has taken on a new and fundamental mission in Mosul: that of calling Catholic refugees back to their homes. His name is Fr. Amanuel Adel Kloo, the only Catholic priest still in Mosul today.

During the three years of Jihadi horror, the local population was submitted to Sharia law, a rigid Islamic legal system under which there were forced conversions to Islam, mass executions, and a rebirth of slavery. In such a situation, “no one believed that Christians would return to Mosul,” said Fr. Kloo in an interview with the pontifical foundation Aid for the Church in Need (ACN).

At least, the Catholics have some chance at a comeback, versus the period of being decimated from 2003-2016,


God bless him for doing God’s will not his own and for being there for the Catholics and Christians who need that example.


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