The Opera.

Hello my brothers and sisters in Christ,

I write to you today in response to a letter that my Parish Priest gave to me before Mass today.

The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) is planning to air the Jerry Springer musical - ‘The Opera’ on January 8th 2005. This musical is notorious for containing over 8000 expletives, depicting Jesus, Mary and God the Father in a blasphemous way.

Even the BBC concedes that this intended broadcast, pushes the boundaries of taste and decency and it is planned to transmit the program without any cuts. We thus need to telephone or e-mail to complain and ask that this programme be not transmitted.

If you disagree with the BBC’s plan to broadcast this material please register your feelings with the BBC.


Phone: 08700100222 (U.K)


Thank you

Yours in the Spirit


<— prefers Puccini

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