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I went to confession last week and there was one sin I felt weird saying because I wasn’t sure if I was being too specific or if it was even a sin but anyways I planned on confessing it. I decided I would say the one part that I was more embarrassed about first because I didn’t want to feel like I was trying to hide it and then I would say the other part after. But when I got in I forgot on the spot and I said the part that I was less embarrassed about first.

Is it sinful that I did this? I’m just not sure if it’s sinful to switch the order of sins that you confess in confession because of embarrassment or whatever. But from what I remember I think I honestly forgot for a moment - I didn’t switch because of embarrassment I don’t think…

But as you can probably tell, I’m trying to fight scrupulous thoughts and I need to know from others if they think this is sinful or not.

Thanks for any help!


Did the same exact thing, don't know the answer to your question though, sorry.


Order doesn't matter except for maybe a psychological reason. The point is to tell whatever you can remember, whether you start with what you are less embarrassed by and move up, or the other way around, or if you just randomly spout off anything you can remember, doesn't matter.


No, it is not a sin… you can say them in any order that helps you to say them. The big sins first order is actually very helpful, because then you won’t forget them, you won’t lose courage half way through, and if something happened where your confession ended abruptly (say you paused to collect your thoughts and the priest thought you were finished and gave absolution), you would be covered. Remember Christ instituted confession to be a joy, not a burden :slight_smile: God bless you!


The order which you confess your sins does not matter. You confessed your sins. You were absolved and your sins forgiven. Praise God.


I’ve frequently seen the recommendation that one should confess the most serious/hardest to confess first, but I’ve always found that starting with the easy ones and working up to the hard ones works best for me. Whichever way works, as long as you get it out.


Why would that offend God :confused: Relax, confession is God rejoicing at the return of His child :slight_smile: If you knew how happy you make the Almighty by confessing, tears would prevent you from speaking.

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