The Order of the Exorcists


Is anyone familiar with this group and what training is involved with performing an exorcism?


A quick search indicates the are NOT under the Vatican, and possible a schismatic group. It ha been discussed before: Archbishop Ron Feyl - "Order of Exorcists" on this forum.


this is against Catholic Teaching.

only specifically bishop appiinted Catholic Priests become exorcists


Are there outside religions that can perform exorcisms? But, this “Order of the Exorcists” says that it is independent of the Vatican, can they do that?


They can do anything they like in a free country, but they are not Roman Catholic. From looking at their list of “bishops”, for the most part, they are members of the “Old Catholic Church”, which is descended from a group that broke away from the Roman Catholic Church a couple of centuries ago. They have all the appearances of being Catholic, but they do not have Apostolic succession, so their power over demons is very limited. They’re like the men that the Disciples spoke to Jesus about, because they were casting out demons in His name.


So, even though their power is weak they still could perform exorcisms. Though not as effectively.


Maybe I think too much in black or white. Seems that would be effective or not effective.


They would probably have as much power as you and I do, which is to say, practically none at all. A bishop is the ordinary minister of an extraordinary exorcism. Only he can designate an ordained priest as an exorcist. Only they can exorcise demons in the only name that matters: Christ’s.


Wouldn’t an attempted exorcism by such a person as listed by the OP present some danger to the espoused exorcist or anyone in attendance?


It would be by my understanding, yes. Both to the exorcist and the people in attendance.

Acts 19:15-16:

“But the wicked spirit, answering, said to them: Jesus I know: and Paul I know. But who are you?
And the man in whom the wicked spirit was, leaping upon them and mastering them both, prevailed against them, so that they fled out of that house naked and wounded.”


I’ve heard they have a 12 Step Program. :sunglasses:


Hilarious, you gave this old lady something to giggle about for a change!


When I was a kid taking dance lessons, I had a friend who could actually do that! LOL


I don’t know but every time someone brings up Exorcism by non Catholics besides obviously Orthodox Christian Priest I think of Bob Larson smacking people with the Bible…


So, could this man be like this Larson?


Maybe do you have a link to his website?


Non Catholics do anything that they want.



this order of exorcists would be wrong.

nothing Catholic is independent of the Vatican.


no, they cannot perform exorcisms.

and they are likely to open the door for the devil to enter their lives.

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