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I am reading “Culture Warrior” by veteran journalist Bill O’Reilly. A lot of Americans, from what I’ve observed, can’t stand the guy because he is a “traditional American”, in his words. Frankly, as a Canadian and a conservative, I like the guy because he isn’t out to get every liberal, but those whom he identifies as S-P’s (Secular Progressives). If there was a Bill O’Reilly type in Canada, he would be taken before the Human Rights Tribunal. Oh wait, that already happened with Ezra Levant! You traditional Americans should be proud of your being a free soverign nation, and keep fighting the S-P’s who’s desire is a Socialist, even a Stalinist state!

BTW feel free to comment, especially if you are an O’Reilly fan or foe.

I can’t stand him because he is rude, obnoxious, he never lets anyone have their say. There is always a way to intelligent, to make a point and to be reasonable without being arrogant and rude to everyone that you don’t agree with. I am by no means a liberal, but I believe in making a difference and a point by listening to people’s justifications for their behavior and guiding them with reason.

I am neither a fan nor a foe. However, I certainly can understand O’Reilly’s tactics when dealing with some of the S.P.s. He only has 4 or 5 minute segments in which to interview these “guests.” If he doesn’t cut them off the opposing viewpoint won’t be made. Besides, trying to have a reasonable conversation with some of these “S.P.s” is stupid. Not everyone can be reasoned with.

Ditto. This is why I can’t stand pop media pundits on either side.

I don’t think O’Reilly is rude to his guests. If someone is trying to make a point and the premise of their point is flawed, there is no point in wasting time and letting them continue because their point at that time is meaningless. Take the war in Iraq. If a guest comes on and starts off saying that they’re against the war because it’s about oil and . . . . Bill has every right to interrupt and cut them off because they can no longer make a valid point anyway because they’ve shown that their point is without merit.

I like Bill OReilly and I have read his books. Having said that, I have seen him be rude a few times. I have seen him not listen a few times. I have also seen him put on dissident priests when he should know better than to let them on the air espousing Catholic ideas that are wrong.

However, I still like watching him compared to most people on TV. I just wish more of our Catholic reporters and commentators were not dissident Catholics.

I watch Bill O’Reilly on Fox News website the next day and I don’t mind him at all. I don’t see him as rude but as one who cuts to the chase.

He reminds me of Dr. Laura Schlessinger. A lot of people intensely disliked her because of her no nonsense style, but I liked that in her.

If you read his book Culture Warrior he makes the point that the culture war isn’t about conservatives against liberals, but about traditional Americans against Secular Progressives. As for his being obnoxious and rude, I think he’s far better off than polite company who are incredibly dishonest, and experts at dodging valid questions.

As an Stalinist who can’t be reasoned with and whose mouth only opens to exchange feet (political, mental, and physical leanings I was heretofore unaware of), I can’t say I’m a fan.

I agree with you, Fitz. I watch his show regularly and I admire the work he has done in promoting Jessica’s Law. I also like the way he exposes Judges who let child molesters/sex offenders escape punishment. Whether you like him or not, he does a fine service for the people, imo.

Hopefully we guys don’t sound quite as arrogant as you.

Watch “Outfoxed”. (I’m not even American)

I’m a fan.

Also, I find it amusing when he reads his e-mail at the close of his show. Someone will write and say “You were so slanted to Mr. X-Y-Z and were way too easy on him”. Then he will read the next letter which will say "You were so rude and hateful to “Mr.-X-Y-X and kept interrupting him, etc.”

Go figure. You will see the same thing here. :rolleyes:

I enjoy watching and listening to him. Rarely disagree. He does cut to the chase with people. That is why it is called The NO Spin Zone. Has an Irish temper.
Wish him well.

Unfortunately, you tend to sound worse – no mean feat, that :slight_smile: Takes one to know one, and I’ve never said I’m not vain!

Stalin murdered approximately 10 million Ukrainians by depriving them of any lifestock (known as the Holodomor.) Stalin was a monster. Do you ever stop to hear how you think? You are an opportunist for thoughtless remarks.

I think Mirdath was probably being ironic when descrbing him/herself as a Stalinist.

As for Bill O’Reilly, does anybody here think his tone or attitude is charitable?

There are excerpts of Bill on Youtube that I will not link to out of respect for the forum rules. If you wish to verify this, then search for Bill O’Reilly Loses It. But be warned, the langauge is very bad and not suitable for work or minors.

No I am not a fan. Nor am I a fab of Glen Beck or Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh or Michael Savage or Ann Coulter.

They do a disservice to conservatives by stooping so low.:nope:

[quote=Cam-masta’s OP]You traditional Americans should be proud of your being a free soverign nation, and keep fighting the S-P’s who’s desire is a Socialist, even a Stalinist state!

I am a secular progressive, and this, apparently, is how you and others want to portray those who share my views. Nor am I stopping you from continuing to think of me as cartoonishly evil, although if you’d care to reconsider, I both welcome and recommend taking a second look.

I used to be a big fan of Bill O’ but hardly watch now. Seems like he got so used to being ‘right’ that he cannot admit when he is wrong.

The turning point for me came over his coverage of teenager who’d been found after having been kidnapped years earlier. On what authority he threw out Stockholm syndrome as an explanation for the kid not seeking help sooner, I don’t know but it just didn’t seem right for an adult media person to negatively dissect the teenager’s actions/inaction before his loved ones and the world the way he did. When called on it by his viewers, he spun things rather than admit his wrong and simply apologize. Since then I’ve realized that the only person allowed to ‘spin’ on his show is himself.

More recently (and the reason I stopped watching) the way he has been planting negative inferences while disavowing them has really turned me off. Usually the statement is prefaced by “I’m not saying that’s what ---- did/meant/said, I’m giving him/ her the benefit of the doubt here, but…” With that, he repeats the negative information ad nauseum, planting it firmly in every viewer’s mind.

If a person of his stature has something of substance to say that is negative, he should just say it and leave the listener to judge. That kind of tactic that belongs in the courtroom with lawyers who make statements that they know will elicit objections just so as to influence the jury’s mind with stuff they either can’t prove or are not allowed to introduce.

The other thing I simply cannot stand is the name-calling. If someone makes a false statement or holds an opinion he disagrees with, he should just refute it, but to call someone a pinhead is less than childish (it’s certainly not behavior I would accept from a child of mine). Hard to believe I used to look forward to the Factor once upon a time…

Still he’s far from being the worst. Seems like the shock effect is what media figures shoot for these days. The more the derision and insults, the better the ratings I guess. Truly sad.

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