The organisation behind the Idol (Pachamama) disposal

The new web site of the St Boniface Institute:

The St. Boniface Institute was founded to give Catholic laity the possibility to speak out. No to paganism in the Church! No to the globalist agenda in the Church! No to the ongoing destruction from within! From the heart of Europe, we want to fight for the restoration of our wonderful Catholic culture and traditions, for a church that follows our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!


I was going to reply, but as I could not write anything good, I just stopped.


This is a great interview with one of the men who did some research into the statue and did something about it.

This is a bad idea.

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I never like when these ‘organisations’ ask for donations but are very vague about what the donations are going towards.

They ask for donations via patreon and paypal, but as the Catholic News Agency points out, there is no explanation as to who or what exactly these donations are going to. We just have this vague information from the creators, that its to make it possible for laity to speak out, something they can do already as far as I am aware, unless they are trying to create some C of E style thing where canon law has to go through a board of laity in order to get passed.

The headquarters of this organisation are in Vienna, where the Austrian guy doing the interviews today is from. I wonder if these ‘headquarters’ are anything more than two friends who live in Vienna.


Um, Exodus 20:15, anybody?

Dude look, I’ll be honest, I didn’t mind too much when Pachamama went for a swim, but if you think I’m going to send you money, you got another think coming.


From one of his interviews, it also turns out he is a convert, from Lutheranism.

Not saying that’s a bad thing, but why is it always the converts to Catholicism (Marshall, Voris, this guy etc.) that are trying to shake things up and teach us how bad the Catholic Church is? They always seem behave like they know better, like we should listen to them, not the corrupted church.

Are they better Catholics than we are, more ready to fight? Or is it in their nature to like to shake things up, as many of them used to follow a branch of Christianity that stemmed from a shaking up/split from the original church?


Voris isn’t a convert to Catholicism. He was a lukewarm cradle Catholic who was living a sinful lifestyle. His brother and mom died and he got a lot more devout, renounced his sinful ways, went back to church, etc.

I think converts or reverts or repented sinners in general value their Catholicism more because they had to actually take steps to be better Catholics and it is a more central part of their life. Having said that, I am also aware that a lot of these people like Marshall, Voris and many others are relying on being a Catholic author or pundit or media person for their livelihood, or a significant part of their livelihood. I’m cynical enough to think that sometimes they’re motivated to find a controversy and put themselves front and center, whereas someone who is not trying to promote their book, speaking tour, media website etc might just go quietly pray.


Ah. Activists. I though we had those in the 60s and that was the source of our current problems?


as are the people who put CAF together and thus made these threads possible.


I don’t think anyone is relying on CAF threads as a source of leadership in crisis. We’d be doomed if we did.


No, the criticism was they are relying on their Catholicism as authors/pundits/media to make a living

People hired by Catholic Answers (put website together, work on Catholic Live radio, etc) would also fit that description, not the mention people at EWTN.

The only alternative for such Catholics is apparently to not promote their website (e.g. CAF) and “go quietly pray”

I’m confused because none of us posting here works for CAF. I sure don’t.

The only time I read the rest of the site is when I want an answer to a question and some tract comes up.

They made the mistake of not doing it the Chicago way…

Feet in the cement…


Bingo I am a revert.


I’m squarely in the “repented sinner” category. Big Bad Leroy Brown sins.

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I committed sins that cry out to heaven for vengeance… :pensive:


Well, if there is a positive aspect to sins, it at least helps me to understand and be more patient with others who sin grievously.


But you repented and came home. :pray:

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