The Original Swedish Chef

Before there was a plethora of cooking shows, here’s the original.

The Swedish Chef

I loved the Muppets.

Check out Google, in Swedish Chef-ese.

You can also turn text into Swedish Chef-ese. Here, for example, is Karl Keating’s welcome to CAF:

The Catholic Answers discussion forums went “live” on May 15. We’re glad you have found them.

Please be sure to read the FAQ and the other “sticky” messages regarding forum protocol. Then feel free to post new threads and to reply to existing ones–and to tell your friends about the forums.

Catholic Answers staff members will participate in the forums primarily on weekdays, as part of their regular office duties, so please do not be disappointed if you do not find them responding to questions or discussions over the weekend.

Karl Keating
President, Catholic Answers

And as rendered in Swedish Chef:

Zee Cethuleec Unsvers deescoossiun furooms vent “leefe-a” oon Mey 15. Ve’re-a gled yuoo hefe-a fuoond zeem. Pleese-a be-a soore-a tu reed zee FEQ und zee oozeer “steecky” messeges regerdeeng furoom prutucul. Zeen feel free-a tu pust noo threeds und tu reply tu ixeesting oones–und tu tell yuoor freeends ebuoot zee furooms. Um gesh dee bork, bork! Cethuleec Unsvers steffff members veell perteecipete-a in zee furooms preemerily oon veekdeys, es pert ooff zeeur regooler ooffffeece-a dooteees, su pleese-a du nut be-a deeseppuinted iff yuoo du nut feend zeem respundeeng tu qooesshuns oor deescoossiuns oofer zee veekend. Bork bork bork! Kerl Keeteeng Preseedent, Cethuleec Unsvers

oh my goodness, how I enjoyed both of those links!:rotfl:
The ‘bork, bork, bork’ under the Google logo is too funny.
Thanks, guys!

Best cooking show EVER! Take that, Rachel Ray! :smiley:

Although these days, that isn’t saying much.

All together now: Yea borsch veerr dee um skadinkadoo . . .

I sent this to myself at my home e-mail to watch, and my DH came running from the other side of the house to find out why I was laughing so hard! Thanks for 15 minutes of great fun!

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