The other animated shows on Fox Sunday

I didn’t want to highjack any of the Family Guy and South Park threads.

But I’m curious what everyone thinks about the other animated shows on Fox Sunday night: American Dad and King of the Hill, the Simpsons (of course), and in the past, Futurama.

I think there’s another one, too, but I can’t remember the name or plot.

I like American Dad, but mainly because of Roger the alien. He reminds me so much of Paul Lynde, whom I adored when I was a child. There was a great episode of American Dad called “Of Ice and Men,” where Francine discovers that her husband is a figure skater. It’s so hilarious, and we made a DVD of it and show it to all our skating friends. They love it, too.

I can’t stand King of the Hill. I think it’s weird and I don’t think it’s funny at all. To me, it’s just too pathetic–I feel sorry for these people who live such trivial lives. I especially feel sorry for Bobby–he’s so…unboyish.

I LOVE THE SIMPSONS–brilliant show. So many characters.

I hear that Cleveland (from Family Guy) will get his own show, but I’m not sure what I think about that. He’s the most boring one on Family Guy. We’ll see.

I really liked Futurama, and I’m not sure why it was taken off the air.

Its a shame that Family Guy is nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series, with the Simpsons never getting that nod.

King of the Hill is great, but perhaps it’s because I’m from the south and can understand more of that humor.

Never gave American Dad a fair shake, and Family Guy just sucks so bad.

I was a devout Simpsons follower for the first twelve or thirteen seasons (watched every episode multiple times). My conversation was always peppered with a few Simpsons quotes, and I rocked at any Simpsons Trivia game. :slight_smile: I really liked seasons 3-8. Seasons 9-10 began to falter, and Seasons 11-14 just got a bit nutty. I’ve heard it’s gotten better these past few seasons, but I’ve only caught a handful of episodes from the past 6 seasons. I guess it’s just not as important to me as it used to be. :shrug: I still have the first ten seasons on DVD, though. :o

I never could take King of the Hill seriously. It always immediately called to mind Mike Judge’s other animated show (“Beavis and Butthead”).

I saw one episode of South Park when it first came out. That was enough for me. It didn’t help that I watched it with a group of people and the whole group was priming me before hand on how this was, like, the best show ever. Far too coarse for my tastes.

I’ve only ever seen brief clips of MacFarlane’s shows (Family Guy and American Dad). It just seems so random and off-color. Maybe I’d have to see a whole episode to appreciate it, but I’ve never had the desire to do so (that, and my wife is vehemently opposed to those shows! ;)).

I think Futurama is my favorite of the bunch. The good news is, it’s coming back! The shows reruns have been so successful on Comedy Central, as well as the four direct-to-DVD-movies-turned-into-episodes, that they put in an order for 26 more episodes due to start airing in mid 2010. Unfortunately for me, as I do not have Comedy Central, I will have to wait until it comes out on DVD, which will probably be late 2011 or even 2012. Sheesh!

Hubby and I watch King of the Hill every night. It’s not really offensive to Christianity like other animated shows, and the humor has us cracking up. But, we’re also from the South so maybe that’s why we enjoy it. :wink:

I miss Futurama; very happy it’s making a return.

Now that’s two southerners who like “King of the Hill”. Maybe the North/South cultural gap is why it never appealed to me. I’m too much of a yankee to “get it.” :wink:

If it helps, I was raised in New England. I married a southern man. :smiley:

I have never liked any “cartoons”, even as a child. I would never believe that I could enjoy an animated show. And then my grandkids talked me into watching a whole taped season of “King of the HIll”. I never laughed so hard! And I am not from the South either:D

It is one of the few shows on TV, that I don’t feel “squeamish” when watching with children.

I’ve been thinking about it. Maybe you are right.

Much of Indiana south of Indianapolis is populated with people who migrated from Kentucky, Tenn., W. Va.,etc,.

Probably a “class” distinction thing. Even people who live on the south side of Indy are looked upon as “hicks”, by the more affluent from the north side of the city.

But it seems that I know someone “just like” every character on “King of the HIll”, and I think it is hilarious!

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