The Other Kind of Angel. .


In the recent thread “Has anyone ever seen an angel,” many wonderful and fascinating stories were shared. However, I noticed several references there to people having experiences with the “other kind of angel.” I’m wondering if this is as common as seeing or experiencing the “good ones.” I myself have had experiences with what I believe to be Holy and unholy angels, or, if your prefer, demons. I do not intend a ghost story thread, but I am interested to see if similar patterns emerge for those who have these experiences. I may share a few of my own in more detail depending upon how (if) the thread develops, but mostly I am looking to see how common it is to experience supernatural phenomena and if those who see angels have also dealt with that “other kind”, our common enemy.

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I have not seen either and I hope to never see “the other kind.” But I would assume that people who see angels are spiritually inclined so if you see good, you can see evil as well.


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Hi, keep in mind, that Angels can only be good. The word ‘angel’ doesn’t refer to their nature, but to their ‘office’ if you will…

So there are two types of spirits… the good ones, Angels, and the evil ones, demons.


I do think it’s fairly common for people to be spiritually attacked by demons, and some have even seen them. Some of the Saints have been physically attacked by them as well! and we all get tempted…

it’s best to stay away from them and be protected, and although we should recognize their existence, we should not focus our attention on them or even think about them much… but rather focus on God.

to answer your question :slight_smile:
I’ve never seen a demon, except perhaps once in a dream when I was a child. I have however been spiritually attacked especially when I was becoming Catholic. Interestingly what helped me in a particularly horrible attack was just putting my Rosary around my neck. The demons really fear Our Lady :slight_smile: I’ve also found that before my conversion to Christianity, they were content to just tempt me, but the attacks have become more ‘obvious’ as I started taking steps to overcome sin.

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I have (present tense) encounters with demons periodically. I have not seen them but they attack me physically and I hear their mocking laugh. They derive great satisfaction in harrassing, mocking, teasing and bullying. They will not stay around when I pray the Rosary. Our Blessed Mother always comes to help when I pray for Her help. I don’t know why they have targeted me, but I have already approached a Parish Priest and sought his help. I would highly recommend doing this - He was very supportive and helpful. He indicated that my experience is not all that uncommon, and that he has talked to other priests about exactly this topic. I suspect I will be back to see him soon as my problems persist.


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