The Our Father

Why do our priests say ‘we dare to say’ before the congregation join in with the ‘Our Father’? Does this happen in other Catholic churches?

Yes, in the Traditional Latin Mass it is said as well, except it is usually translated as “we make bold to say”. I think we say “dare” because we are being bold by calling God our Father.

Thanks for asking, I’ve wondered about that! :slight_smile:

Before Jesus no one would have “dared” to call GOD “his father” :wink:

Thank you this information is interesting and helpful!

Right. In the Old Mass, this is the first prayer said audibly after the Canon.

Praeceptis salutaribus moniti, et divina institutione formati, audemus dicere.

(“Taught by thy saving precepts and guided by the divine institution, we make bold to say:” - St. Andrew’s MIssal)

(“Admonished by salutory precepts, and following divine directions, we presume to say:” - Fr Lasance Missal)

(“Prompted by saving precepts, and taught by divine teachings, we dare to say:” - St. Joseph Missal)

(“Taught by the precepts of salvation, and following the Divine commandment, we make bold to say:” - Angelus)

(“Instructed by saving warnings, and guided by divine institution, we dare to say.” - Interlinear translation

So take your pick of the translation. They all seem to be okay. The Latin is what we hear in the Latin Mass.

Thank you once again! Very interesting and helpful.

I’m glad the answer to my question helped you as well!

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