The Our Father?

I have not been to the indult Tridentine Mass at my Parish yet. I just received my 1961 Saint Joseph Continuous Sunday Missal (with Latin/English). I purchased it on E-Bay. I noticed that the Our Father is not in there. This Missal is for use at a Dialogue Mass & there are 3 degrees. After explaining each degree, it says the Our Father may be recited together with the Priest but only in Latin. So my question is , is it an option depending on the Priest whether the Our Father is said during Mass at all?:confused:

Hmm, I don’t think so. St. Gregory the Great put it in the canon way back when and I didn’t think there were options with the canon until 1969. But of course, I could be wrong :o

No. It comes immediately after the Doxology of the Canon (Per ipsum/Through Him) when the priest says “Let us pray: Commanded by saving precepts…” The older practise was for the priest to recite/chant the entire Our Father alone with the response being “But deliver us from evil” to which the priest said silently “Amen” (a practise from the time of St. Gregory the Great except that then the people said: Amen) .

In 1958, after the practice had been extended by indult in certain locations, it was allowed that the Our Father be sung/said by all (including the Amen at the end.) (De Musica Sacra, no 32)

Maybe it’s not printed because it’s a commonly known prayer? Or maybe they;ve given it is another part of the missal?

I found it! Thank you! I was looking for Our Father in bold letters, instead it says The Communion and Thanksgiving in bold letters and that is where it is(right where you told me to look:o ).

No, you are right. I just didn’t look close enough:o . I’m a goof :smiley:

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