The Oven Burner Blues!


DH and I are moving soon, and in order to lose as little as possible of our deposit, want to leave the place in tip top shape.

One thing I can’t seem to get clean are the burners on the stove. It’s an electric stove/oven, with those bowl shaped things underneath to catch food. Sad to say, in the several months we’ve lived here, I haven’t cleaned them out once. Actually, that’s not true - today I tried cleaning them several times. There’s just so much burnt food/gunk/stains on them, as much as I scrub it still looks very bad.

Any tips? I think they’re made of stainless steel.


Yeah…buy new ones… they are cheap and available at most department stores like walmart or kmart.


I think I might do that - I don’t think I can get these black burn marks off. What section would I find them in? By appliances?


Probably in appliances or the home maintenance section.

I know I’ve also seen them at the hardware stores, like OSH and such…



take the old ones with you to make sure they match, try lowes and hd, or your old fashioned hardware store that has everything. some brands you may need to order on the internet or from an actual appliance store


At walmart, they are in the kitchen gadget/cookware, ect. area. Do be sure to take an old one, as there are several similar styles. They are very inexpensive.


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