The Palmarian Catholic Church in Dan Browns new novel


Well I admit I first got interested in Opus Dei because of the film. What I found in reality was so different-- solid devotion, family men mostly, doctors and professors but also school teachers. Humble and unassuming, great reverence for our Lady and for the Eucharist.


Opus Dei members laugh about the “albino monk,” btw.


Really? I thought they would just learn from it, and double check any albino men seeking to enter the outfit as a monk. You know, to make sure they aren’t homicidal or insane.


I’m pretty white these days–you’ll need shades if I go swimming–and some would certainly say I’m insane. But they let me attend anyway.


You might be right about him not hating the Church, but I would never associate Dan Brown with critical thinking.
I can’t take a nivelest who gets so many background facts wrong. Lazy research. Not critical thinking.


Never heard of him but have you heard of his “holiness” Pope Michael of the Holy See of Oklahoma. :smirk:


I feel like although as Catholics we should look negatively on Freemasonry, Lost Symbol really took them on so you have to give him some credit. Angels and Demons took on the nonexistent Illuminati. Inferno I am not sure who he actually took on, i would say it’s groups who promote depopulation and population control, though I’m not aware of any specific group by name. Just saying going after Opus Dei wasn’t the biggest hes ever gone after. I’m not sure it Freemasons had outrage in Lost Symbol because they do speak of sexual initiations and such in the book.




Do they really take part in self mutilation?


This is even more ridiculous than the Palmarian Catholic Church…


Hey, if it’s a private audience you get to sit beside him and swing!


I find his writing to be very “dumbed down”, read the first two of the series just to see what the hype was about.

They are very commercial, about the intrigue level of a MacGyver episode, and every. single. chapter. ends with a cliffhanger where you can hear “da da duuuuuuum” in your head.


Who wouldn’t?

Wasn’t the idea stolen from Foul Play where chevy chase and goldie hawn are chased by an albino while trying to stop the assasination of the Pope? That movie, and the dan brown book/movie are running together in my memory. I won’t know how to react if I meet an albino monk!


Take him to the beach with a gallon of Banana Boat SPF 100?


I have seen some stuff about the Palmarian Catholic Church before. They are very, very weird- and that’s as charitable as I can put it.


We recognize a schism by its fruits. All the groups which have broken away from the Catholic Church end up doing some kind of ridiculous thing. The so-called “Old Catholic Church”, which went into schism after the First Vatican Council, is now ordaining women priests, if I remember correctly. Just as the Protestants keep changing their doctrine, these schismatic sects keep doing the same, in addition to other ridiculous things. We recognize a tree by its fruits!


I wonder what that slipper on the porch means?

I’m sure it has some profound theological meaning… :thinking:



Slipper of the fisherman?


Why does he only have one?

Who wears slippers fishing?

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