The Papal AntiChrist

Greetings, this is my vent post about all the bashing of the Catholic Church. If the protestants don’t like it, well I’m sorry but this how I see the of the church.

The Catholic Church is and remains one of the ancient religions of ancient Israel. The appearance of it’s leader was prophesied by the patriarchs of ancient Israel centuries before his arrival. The Jewish Messiah/Catholic Lord was a Jew, his deciples were Jews. The religion was by, of and for the Jews and for the Jews first. The first converts were Jews followed immediately by the Romans and Greeks. (these conversions happening Christ before Christ was crucified).

The headquarters of the church eventually moved to Rome were it is today, but it is a line unbroken. It does not matter how loud John Hagee screams or how hard the evangelicals clap their hands, these facts cannot be truthfully disputed.

The Catholic Church survived the pagans, the dark ages, the plagues, the protestants and the nazi’s. The nice comfortable road the protestants have put themselves on with their American book printed in English was paved by the blood of the Catholic Church in two thousand of history. The protestants have no intractable enemy to face, they have America to fight their battles. The Revelation they hail so loudly does not even include them. There was no anticipation of a rebellious protestant reformation by the author. It was written to the seven Churches, the protestant church is not one of them. Rather, the persecution of the true Church is happening before our very eyes, at the hands of protestants. We Catholics do not hate you, but you most certainly hate us.

As Catholics we know there is more to being a member of Christs church than simply praising the Catholic Lord. You protestants just do not want to do the hard things required of a Catholic, and since you are not willing to live like us, you escape into hatred. How can you be children of the light yet seek such darkness. How can you cut yourselves off from the Apostolic light that Christ has given us. If you hate Christs church, you hate Christ. We have blazed the trail for you long ago, get off the hate bandwagon or be shown be lukewarm you truly are.

The proteatant church has no authority, it is self appointed and engineered the way rebellious people want it to be but it is not the way of this ancient religion of the ancient Israelites.

As a disciple of Jesus I have all the authority He has given me.
If you have an issue with that then take it up with Him…

agreed. but remember there is no one protesttant church. in fact there is no protestant “church” at all. There is only One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

The protestesats are ecclesial communities, isn’t that how Pope Bendict described them recently? they are not churches. they have a *certain *relationship to the true faith, but being not in communion with it and not under its authority they are little more than bible studies in a perpetual state of argumentaion with one another.

You have what authority? according to whom? and to who’s interpretation of scripture? your own?

Are you infallible then?

Sorry, but you do not appoint yourself. You are a member of his chuch or not. Christ did not give you authority, he gave the Church authority. If you are walking down the street and find a stolen police officers badge, you cannot pick up that badge and claim the authority it carries. In the same way, you cannot pick up a Bible and appoint youself an Apostle. The religion of Jesus Christ is practiced the way it has been passed down from the Apostles of ancient Israel, not from John Hagee.

Your American book, written in English is edited. The Sacred Catholic Sriptures allow no such editing and a warning was placed at the end of the Revelation. Your protestant forefathers ignored that warning and did it anyway. You as a protestant support that crime and spread a gospel with out authority. Your KJV is in fact a house divided against itself with Matrin Luther, not the Holy Father as best candidate for antiChrist. The historical facts force you to aggree don’t they. Good!

Which authority is that? Do you believe that Catholics have no authority? Are you among those who believe that the Church fell away from the truth, and lost authority? If so , when did that happen?

As a disciple of Jesus I have all the authority He has given me.

Which isn’t all that much. I don’t see anywhere in the Bible where Jesus gave you any authority whatsoever.

First I sincerely hope that you feel better, now that you’ve had your vent.

I now invite you to look through all of my posts since I’ve been here. Find one that shows that I hate Catholics, or that I am out to persecute my brothers and sisters in Christ. You have made the accusation that I, personally, as a “protestant” hate Catholics.
Please support that charge with evidence. And when you don’t find it, please read the 8th commandment.

I know there are those out there that hate Catholics. I, certainly, am not one of them. And I’m sorry you felt so moved to lash out in this way.

I suspect, though, that the secular-humanists are the greater threat. And they are a threat to all Christians, and we “better learn to hang together, or we will certainly hang separately”.

God Bless You,

What does the title of your thread have to do with the content of your post?

Oh please, so your the only protestant that does not hate the Catholic Church. Well thank you for the warm and fuzzy feeling. Please be reminded that the Catholic Church does not spread hate about the protestants, nor do we try to undermine them with lies and accusations. It is not the Catholic Church, it is the proterstant that is seeking to hang the Catholics. Your church denies us and calls our Pontiff the antiChrist. Show me where the Catholic Church does that to the protestants. We gave the world Gospel and in return we are hated. Do you have to think about being hated for the Lords sake?

agreed, but i would have a different idea of what it means to “hang together.” specificaly Jesus prayed that we would all be one, as He and the Father are one, so that the world would know that He sent us. the unity of the persons of the Holy Trinity is very tight, not allowing for any disagreemtnst among them; now I wouldn’t expect that humans could ever attain that type of religious unity, but i would think that untity under authority would be a minimum expectation.

“so that the world may know” means that without this unity under authority the world will not take us seriously. sure we can work together for limited goals, but the larger issue, that of bringing Jesus to the wolrd, is being lost because we spend so much time and resources scrapping with each other.

You did not respond to my post. However, I am sorry you feel this way. To the extent that other noncatholics have hurt you, I, in their stead, apologize and ask your forgiveness. This is not in jest or sarcastic. I am serious.


J_C, There is nothing in this post I disagree with. Let’s all of us pray for and work together for that unity. With the guidance of the HS, it can be achieved.
Excelency seems to be suffering because of this disunity. It truly saddens me.

You don’t have to appologise Jon, I am only one Catholic. I’m sorry you thought this was directed at all protestants. I do realize that not all protestants hate the HCC. You just got in the way of a hit that was meant for them that do. Your appology does not obsolve them nor does it convince them to abandon there hell spawned hatred. If any protestant can tell me when the Catholic Church lost it’s authority I would like to hear it. Can any protestant tell me when the Church Protestant was appointed by God?

I see the protestant church as being a multi headed serpent seeking the wicked leader it accuses the Pope of being. I see no threat to the protestant church (all proterstant churches). There is no enemy waithing to devour it’s members, no one calling them the work of satan. I see Evangelicals stealing Catholics who are no longer “entertained” by the Catholic Mass. So they move on to a “better show”. I do not go to Mass for entertainment. I do not clap hands till daddy comes home and I do not look to be “slain in the spirit” I need no magic show. I need the Holy Eucharist which only the Catholic Church can offer.

The protestant church wishes to eradicate the Holy Eucharist from this world for all time. They would make a decision like that for all humanity. This is not a casual thing, this online discussion belies the grave and mortal threat that protestantism poses to the world.

Considering Jesus was a Jew and was a GOOD JEW that adhered to the norms of Jewish teaching and was well aware of it, he knew for order to exist in religious teaching there needs to be a hierarchy that keeps things in check, forwards and backwards. It’s not only religious, but logically, politically and socially obvious.

Authority does not come from reading the Bible solely. Even scripture indicates cases of supreme and special authority.

‘Thou art Peter, and you are the Rock I build my Church on’

Church - the people.
Peter (Rock) (person) - Authority that people’s faith and development are built upon.

I fail to see how you got hold of this authority.

Do let us know.

There are some hateful people out there, for sure. There’s nothing I can say right now to soften your anger, so I won’t try. Just know that not all noncatholics hate Catholics, or demonize the Pope, or with to do away with the Eucharist. Know that there are those of us who love you, the Catholic Church, and your long history of defending the faith.

##** Where ?**

Your church denies us and calls our Pontiff the antiChrist. Show me where the Catholic Church does that to the protestants. We gave the world Gospel

**Correction - Christ gives it to the world. Which Churches He sees fit to use in doing so, is for Him to decide. ISTM the (real) privilege of serving Christ is being confused with a (fictional) right of ownership of the Gospel. Does a lawyer own the properties in the wills he witnesses ? Nor does any Church own the Gospel it witnesses to. **

and in return we are hated. Do you have to think about being hated for the Lords sake?

Protestants & Catholics are pretty much indistinguishable - they both have behaved horribly at times.

No need for you to be sorry for something you didn’t do. You obviously do not fit into the category he is focusing on.

Thanks for the kind words Jon. They are truly appreciated. We Catholics know that we are not universaly hated by the protestants. Actually, from your posts you seem like the kind of peaceful person who would be an asset to the Church. Why don’t you consider joining us. Membership in the chosen race is offered to all of us.

The problem with the hate mongering protestants comes from something you will probably disagree with but please consider the posibility. The possibility that the KJV is cursed is very real and would explain the hatred many protestants have for the HCC.

The warning in the Bible not to add or subtract from this book existed in the Catholic scriptures and consequently the Catholic Bible before the KJV was compiled. The KJV is edited and has had books removed. Like it or not, the warning said not to add or subtract which is what was done to the KJV. The book became a house divided against itself, it serves two masters. But one of the masters is God, and so people like you, who are after God’s heart, fell to the side that serves God. The hate mongerers fell to the side that serves man’s prideful intentions and so they run from the Apostolic light. They deny, despise and renounce it. they hate his Church and seek to destroy it. In seeking Christ through hatred, they have found only darkness and so are blind to the light of the Catholic Church.

I’m sorry to say that you too Jon, because you have not converted are in a state of confusion. you think your protestant way is acceptable to God, but He wants you in the Catholic Church. Good and decent Spirit filled people are called to spread the Light of Christs true Church. The protestants have taken you as far as they can, you must evolve now.

I am not the least bit offended by any of your remarks above in your first post. I actually appreciate you sharing your true feelings here. I have noticed that when a Catholic posts in the vein which you have chosen to do here in this thread; that they always ignore the doctrinal disagreement end of it, and opt instead, for an aggressive assertion of “authority.” Their last-ditch stand seems to make it’s strongest appeal to their church “authority,” rather than the Scriptures.

I wonder what happened to the other "L’ in your handle. Did someone tell you to get the “L” outta here? Who died and made you the boss? You do NOT speak for all Catholics. You are a “rabble rouser” (whatever that is).
They bash us. You bash them. Let’s see, I’ ll bet you think you are better than a typical Protestant. Please respond. Whatever happened to the peacemakers? Division is what YOU seem to be all about. That Mr. Excel is how the dark side works. If I were you I would take your anger, indignation, resentment, and bitterness to the cross and leave it there. The Catholic church has survived through the ages just fine without your help. It doesn’t need you to defend Her. Especially when your are trying to engage the wrong enemy. Wake up people. It is NOT other Christians that we need to convert. It is us. We need to convert from sin to holiness. Then let’s join together and celebrate what we have in common, then let’s fight the “good fight”. Excel if you don’t know what the good fight is all about then go get a spiritual director, go on retreat and learn who the real enemy is. You may need to see an eye doctor who has a chainsaw.

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