The Paranormal and The Church

There are accounts in Catholic circles of the living encountering souls undergoing purgation . This can be very similar to accounts of encountering ghosts. Not every “ghostly” encounter is demonic. I recall reading an account of St Padre Pio encountering the soul of a priest polishing the altar… he neglected caring for the altar in life and this was part of his purgatory. I’ve also read accounts of ghostly encounters at the place individuals died, and, once Mass was said for the souls who died in that place, the encounters ceased.

No doctrine here… just the experiences of some Catholics.

Unless we are St Padre Pio or St Faustina, or another great saint, I go with demonic. Even then, those great saints tested every apparition that came their way.

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Sacred Scriptures often refer to the spiritual world - including bad/evil spirits…
BEST TO avoid them ,
RATHER, become more interested in - THE HOLY SPIRIT

I have heard of EVPs. Many investigators use this. Many times what they hear is “Get Out!” Not much information. I have recently had a few strange things happen, and the only way I can think of what is was is the process of elimination. I had heard a sharp tapping sound in my room as I either woke up or was about to fall asleep. I had no idea what it was and still don’t. We checked the house for anything that could have caused it but could find nothing unusual. So, I sprinkled the room with holy water and said a prayer that God would help me.

It went away and I haven’t heard it lately. Sometimes people are reluctant to accept the possibility of these things taking place, but I think to be forewarned is a good thing. It can give us time to build a kind of protection around us.

Someone told me to knock back when it happens, but no way would I do that. That may not only be wrong, but dangerous.

Don’t forget this: Calling upon “JESUS!” goes a very long way …

In sprinkling holy water, I did ask the Lord to help me. Each night when I have my talk with Him before sleeping, I ask Him to not ever leave me all alone. He puts my mind to rest because normally I would be very much afraid if something weird happened. I just don’t like it. I never did and never will.

Whoah friend I can’t believe I just thought of this! But the head apologist of Catholic Answers (Jimmy Akin) has a separate podcast called ‘Jimmy Akin’s Mysterious World’ where he loves discussing all sorts of ‘mysterious’ topics in detail (whether you’re talking ghosts, UFOs, alternate dimensions, ancient treasure maps, or true crime).

I know for a fact that at least one of his episodes is on ‘ghosts’. I don’t know if he discusses this EVP thing there… but maybe?

His approach is always to approach each mystery through the lens of ‘faith’ and ‘reason’ (sometimes faith doesn’t have much to do with it, and it ends up mostly a reason-based question). It’s actually a super fun show. Highly recommend. And he’s always super fair-minded to all sides of a question, and examines the different reasons there can be for holding to different positions.

And maybe, just maybe, he’ll have addressed this ‘EVP’ thing in a ghost episode :slight_smile:

EDIT: I really hope you see this now. I am kicking myself for not thinking of it several days ago.

Some stuff out there by Fr Amorth, the “chief” or whatever the title is, exorcist in Rome.

Also, I want to shout here that everyone who has stated only a Roman Catholic Priest, Exorcist, authorized by his bishop or a bishop, may perform an exorcism. If one is concerned about such a thing with their home or their person, family, etc., contacting one’s parish priest with the relevant information is the first step. He can elevate it to the diocesan level if need be.
In other words, “Don’t try this at home.”

Also, people need to understand there is quite a difference between demonic possession and Opression. Possession indicates one has allowed (the only way it can happen), and evil spirit to enter them. One cannot be possessed without cooperating with it somehow.
Oppre978-ssion on the other hand, right there is a topic for serious consideration for us all. The evil one and his minions prowl and do as they’re able to tempt, deceive, etc., the Christian Faithful into mortal sin.
At this point, I’ve a book recommendation:

Spiritual Combat by Lorenzo Scupoli
ISBN: 978-1-928832-50-8

Blessings All,

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