The Parish Center


Does your parish have a multi-purpose facility on site? Some parishes either re-purpose a school or office building. How did your’s come about?


Repurposed school when the schools were consolidated.


We have very tall folding wooden doors which slide across I front of the altar and we store the chairs behind them too and it’s transformed into a hall within half an hour. Very useful space.

Is that the kind of thing you mean?


Ours was built in the early 1960s


Sort of - depending on what you mean by “parish center” because

We have a multi-purpose room with a stage and kitchen in the basement of the Church. When needed, we can bring in chairs, tables, etc.

However, we typically do not cook down their on Sundays because the smell will come up into the Church.

We also have a brand new “parish center” that opened this summer. It was the old rectory, which we changed into parish offices with a few conference rooms. We received a gift from a parishioner to build a new rectory so the living spaces would be separate from the offices and to provide more office & meeting space for the parish.


Ours was built about 15 years ago. It adjoins the Church and the school. It’s got offices, a big hall, a kitchen, some smaller classrooms, and lots of storage closets. It’s nice to have. :slight_smile:


I didn’t know and wasn’t there at the time, so I looked at the old maps and found out it was built as a convent back in the day.

But with the grade school and high school both long gone, the nuns have left and that was that.


Do you mean a hall?


The school’s cafeteria is used for events, scheduled for after school hours.


We still have a parish school, so it’s frequently used for events that can’t be contained in the Church basement. I think for really large events, they’ve rented space at the public high school across the street.


Two congregations were merged (not sure why) but both buildings were kept and one got repurposed.


One local parish has a free-standing purpose-built building some refer to as “The Taj Mahal”. It may have cost about a million dollars to construct and they are still paying on it. It has a main hall with kitchen and offices. The accommodations rank up there with some 4-star hotels. Competition for other banquet/dance halls in the area–including K of C halls, methinks. Two local halls used by relatives for wedding receptions have closed since the center was built.


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